an apple a day

I think my computer is trying to tell me that it’s as old as these ruins and really wants to retire. I am trying to ignore it. It’s the iMac with the round base, and the new Macs just don’t compare. My beloved computer makes me smile whenever I see it. How can I give that up?

14 Responses to “an apple a day”

  1. The angle you took the photo pulls me up the stairs. I’ve wanted to go to explore ruins since I was a child. I did once get to go to Monte Albion in Mexico and that was wonderful. I also got to see some castles etc in Europe. I’d like to go digging though.

  2. oh to hold on to the things that give us happy moments is so true…the rocks are amazing E.

  3. As long as your old Mac hasn’t crashed and burned, you just hold on to it and talk sweet nothing into it’s…mic. Just make sure your files are backed up! šŸ˜‰ Where was this shot taken, E? It’s really cool!

  4. a ruin on the Inca trail just before Machu Picchu

    yes, must back up photos. must not procrastinate on backing up photos. must .. must .. must ..

  5. sorry about the technological blues but the blue grey sky in the background is just magnificent. it caught my eye first and then i retraced my steps into the ruins.

  6. I think you’ll get over getting rid of the old computer when you get a new one. At least I did.

  7. I’m with Toni, better be backin’ up!

    I’m gonna get there one day……one day :o)

  8. what a great ‘invitation for a walk’ photo this is elizabeth! i love that darkening sky. backing up is like doing regular meditation it brings you peace and tranquility.

  9. how come you didn’t post a pic of your computer?

    this picture reminds me of my internal picture of Ireland.would so love to go their some day.

  10. ann: because then I would’ve had to take a photo of my computer! This one was handy. šŸ˜‰

  11. E, you can buy a 500 GB external hard drive for less than $80 from Amazon. After reading your post this morning, I immediately ordered a second one (I got my first one at Christmas) so I can back up my back up. Especially important since my laptop is still doing weird things.

  12. toni: thanks! and yet I still procrastinate .. LOL

    robin/simplifylearning: actually that is not sky! it is the mountains in the background, slightly obscured by mist and clouds.

    ww: you will! I’d love to go again, with my DSRL. How fun would that be!

    lauren: I don’t know .. this one is like my baby.

    elk: I guess I could hold onto the happy memories instead, but .. it’s hard.

    kym: that’s the trouble – you can’t always go digging when you’re at the ruins where it’d be the most fun to do so!

  13. Ah I love this image! You can always keep the computer for looking-only-purposes and buy a new one to work with! šŸ™‚

  14. sumedh: true, I could, but the part of me that doesn’t like “clutter” would not like that plan! šŸ™‚

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