what one word

I need a word for the Shutter Sisters’ One Word project for February.

My word for 2009 is Joy. That would make a great photographic theme.

But when I saw this image through my LCD the other morning, another word popped into my head – Possibility.

Which one to choose ..

I think I’ll let my first photo tomorrow answer the question for me!


15 Responses to “what one word”

  1. Mine is ordinary, which probably was the easy way to go. I want to capture the every day ordinary around me, which is what I tend to do anyway. I’ll challenge myself next month. 🙂

  2. Love the mood you’ve captured and created. Possibility certainly fits this image. My word is ‘connect’..which – I suppose – is what my practice (both my yoga and my photography) – is about.

  3. Possibly fits this photo perfectly!!!

  4. I love it. The word I thought of when I looked at the photo was “promise.” Which is close to possibility, I think. I love it!

  5. I love possibility – I definitely see that in this image!

    I have chosen ‘imagine’. Can’t wait!

  6. the texture in the grass with the soft sky is a treat…go with possibility…so many more…possibilities!

  7. I’m liking the “possibility” too. When I think of that word and look at the picture, I’m wondering, “Will the sun come out and melt the frost? Will the grass be a healthy green underneath it? Or can the stillness and peace of this moment linger for an entire afternoon…”

  8. By the way, I want to mention that I love this post. I loved choosing between the two words- letting my mind wander with either possible choice and then choosing the best fitting scenario. A fun mind exercise. I’m kind of a geek, aren’t I? 😀

  9. If it’s a choice between the 2 words, I would think “joy” would be good…with the green coming thru after the winter it would be joy to have a little warmth in the days. 🙂

  10. I like “intrigue.”

  11. my one word would be give. your photo speaks of possibility.

  12. This game sounds like fun. I would like to play if I have the time.

  13. i’ve chosen friendship (you are certainly a good example of that!) and i found out about the challenge by stopping by here yesterday! i love the interpretive nature of this capture…where are we, why am i lying on the ground?

  14. toni: that would be a good choice too!

    marcie: another good one.

    laura: I know! The play equipment almost looked like a castle turret.

    leanne: another good one! Too many choices ..

    gabrielle: I can’t wait to see your photos!

    elk: I was tempted, but I stuck with joy. 🙂

    julie m: yes, yes, and yes. and if you’re one, so am I. 😉

  15. howard: oh yes, one of the reasons I went with joy. Sometimes in Feb, joy is harder to find. 🙂

    amy: ooooh, that would be good too. You could have a lot of fun with that one.

    simplifylearning: I like give – simple and a good reminder.

    liss: you should join in!

    robin: in this case, the camera is thinking that. 😉

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