what makes you come alive?

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

– Howard Thurman


19 Responses to “what makes you come alive?”

  1. I think that flower does it for me! (makes me feel alive, I mean.) Love that photo. I feel alive working with the elderly.

  2. Gerber Daisies are my absolute favorite! I chose red, yellow and orange daisies for floral arrangements at my wedding. Every time I see one it makes me smile. I love the vibrant pinks in this one.

  3. Working on my art makes me come alive, except for the days when it sends me in the opposite direction. This is a beautiful flower.

  4. Fabulous words and a beautiful image. I am very much ‘alive’ to the beauty of this planet, and the precious journey of our life. A great post, Elizabeth

  5. This is going to make me think for a spell. Pink is my favorite–unless blue is an option. Oh, this flower makes me think FRESH. Love it! I waffle between liking asters and gerbers best. And the background reminds me of raspberry yogurt. Delicious!

  6. Elizabeth thank you for stopping by to check up on me. It means so much.

    Your post for today is so applicable. I asked myself that question three years ago and I have been living my passion since then. It surges through me. I love life. I love living.

    Are you living your passion?

    Have a blessed day.


  7. pink is such a romantic colour. Speaking of which a little romance might make me come to life … yeah like that’s going to happen. Oh well I can dream.

  8. Yep, and it is different for everyone.. which is why the potential for incredible beauty and true incredible beauty exists! If we find and follow our passion. 🙂

  9. Ah, this photo is just what I needed this morning after a restless night with my youngest, and way to many worried thoughts about our tough financial situation at the moment. Bright, cheerful and… springy. But I must be tired; I thought that the quote was from Harry Truman at first. Then I re-read. ha.

  10. LOVE the photo. What makes me come alive most is laughing. I mean, really, truly laughing. The easiest way for me to achieve this is to spend time with some really good girlfriends! Little kids can have that affect (effect?) also! 🙂

  11. very cheerful photo. Luckily, my future job makes me come alive. 🙂

  12. OH!

    is so



  13. Excellent quote..and so very true. The pink flower certainly wakes me up..makes me feel ‘alive’!!!

  14. “Black coffee in bed… ” Listening to Squeeze

    Fresh air gets me going… digging in the garden, listening to my sweet little daughters converse at bed time… cracking my husband up… praying

  15. Me loves the picture more than the other one even. Hinthinthint.

  16. i don’t know what. i just feel dead right now.

  17. anony: I’m sorry to hear that. I wish there was something I could do to help. Sending warm thoughts your way ..

    mindijo: done 🙂

    MaryAnn: great list!

    marcie: I’m glad! I am really enjoying color right now ..

    elk: there’s just something about daisies ..

    amy: that *is* good!

    laura: a dog has that affect quite often too. 😉

    nora: LOL on the Harry Truman. Somehow I can’t picture it. 😉 I’m sending prayers that your worries ease.

    holly: if we could only all discover it!

    liss: hey! don’t give up! it’s on your list, remember. 😉

  18. simplifylearning: sometimes, but not always. 🙂 I’m glad you are!

    jen: I know that your kiddos and hubby do for one! 🙂

    ews: I can “feel” that in your posts and photos!

    toni: art has a way of running you through all the emotions, it seems. 🙂

    ofg: oh, what a gorgeous bouquet! They are one of my top 3 faves as well (lilacs and tulips are the others – can’t decide between them)

    jan: I can hear that in your “voice” when you post about your time with them.

  19. Kindness, meaningful conversations, beautiful music, learning new things, problem solving, the ocean, a hummingbird, the scream of a hawk, a backed up toilet, always having something to look forward to, gazing into the faces of my children, humor, digging in the dirt, road trips, taking off in an airplane, the long anticipated meeting of someone you have only written to for 3 years, cat kicking with it’s rear feet and looking at me, fathers holding their newborn baby, redwood trees, full moons, I could go on and on.

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