here, in this moment

By Elizabeth

January 27, 2009

Category: art, photography


I read a good post today, on honoring the Now of your pet, and thought you might enjoy it. Even if you don’t have pets, it is very applicable to your own self.

By the way, I realize that now you might think that – in this moment – I am sitting in a tire shop. Truth be told, I’m not. But I was in one a few days ago. Does that count?


9 Responses to “here, in this moment”

  1. you make me smile E…never seen such a pretty picture of tires …

  2. Put’s Bruce Springsteins song ‘Born to run’ straight into my head. The line including ‘Chrome wheels, fuel injection…..’. It’s all about those wheels of bling!

    I’d be forever polishing these, if they were mine. Or else, never taking the car out for fear of them becoming dirty

  3. Wonderful reflectionws. Almost like a mandala. FUN!

  4. I’m trying to find you in the rim reflection… must be shooting up.

  5. Interesting shot, E. I’ll have to go read that article.

  6. I was also trying to find you in the reflection of the rims (other than the you present in your perspective and captured image, of course)!
    The Now of your Pet post is great–glad you directed me there.

    And yes, I think it totally counts. 🙂

  7. jen/MaryAnn: yes, I was shooting up 🙂

    toni: thanks!

    marcie: I think that someone in my apt complex has a mandala outside her apt (think because I’m not entirely sure what a mandala is). It is the neatest thing ever.

    ews: now I have that song in my head too!

    laura: very

    elk: 🙂

  8. So Bling! I love how you can capture a everyday scene and make it really interesting somehow.

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