what makes me smile

Is this not the most perfect key ring ever? It was a Christmas present from my sister. After I hung it on the wall, I was so excited that I clapped my hands in glee and called Atlas downstairs in order to show it to him. Of course, he thought I was telling him that there was a squirrel or cat outside and started running between the patio door and the window. He never did figure out what I was trying to show him (or else he just couldn’t believe that I would get so excited over a key ring – also a possibility). Anyway, I just love it. Every time I see it, I stop in my tracks and smile.


11 Responses to “what makes me smile”

  1. It is super duper cute! And that coming from a…hm, how do I put this kindly?…a person who isn’t neccessary a lover of all dogs…? Does that work?

    This post reminds me of a table my great-aunt (second Grandma) gave me recently. It’s an antique she got second-hand right after she was married- many, many years ago. She also gave me a runner she made for it around the same time. I have it in my entry way and every time I walk in the door I can’t help but smile and think about her. 🙂

  2. SMILING too:) The simple things always make life better! I can see Atlas running around… too funny.

  3. That is a very cute key ring – it looks like your pup! 🙂 Which is probably why your sister got it for you. And that’s why you smile. See how I followed that logic? 😉

  4. Elizabeth thank you for stopping by my blog to wish me well after the accident. The care of a stranger is some how sweeter than that of a friend because it is so utterly selfless. It really meant so much to me.

  5. oh how funny..dogs are so goofy and so loveable…

  6. these types of gifts are the best

  7. We’re glad you like it. The 3 kitties “love” our key holder equally as well. 🙂

  8. I love it. I also love that your sister knew exactly what you would love.

  9. Excellent blog! Found you through “The Four” and I am enjoying your eye and word candy. Thank you for sharing yourself!

  10. lauren: thank you for your comment! I appreciate it.

    jj: me too

    leanne: she is good like that

    amy: I’m sure they do 😉

    liss: aren’t they!

    elk: very much so

    claire: I wish you were doing better 😦

    toni: exactly!

    MaryAnn: it was funny. I should have known ..

    laura: LOL. The table definitely sounds like something to smile about.

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