i don’t believe in fairy-tale endings

but I do believe in the power of fairy tales and myths and legends and stories

to capture the imagination

when I saw this image, I immediately saw a castle – rising up out of the mist

I wonder if you know what it really is?


17 Responses to “i don’t believe in fairy-tale endings”

  1. I can see the castle. But it must be really a home/townhouse through frosty, snowy or very dirty window.

  2. see yonder castle ~ perhaps a snow covered skylite?

  3. It looks like an apartment building if I struggle but there is obviously a castle in its soul manifesting itself!

    This is one of favorites. I’m enchanted!

  4. I’d say a church. But it’s definitely taken through a frosty snowy window.

  5. It’s a castle – rising up out of the mist, because all fairy tales have happy ending. I want to continue to believe what you say is true.

    Unless of course you have a better ending.

  6. Liss: don’t read the next bit of the comment .. πŸ˜‰

    Kym is right! It’s the top of my apartment building. πŸ™‚ I was about to scrape the frost off of my car window that morning when I saw the reflection.

  7. Now I see it! I still see cathedral, not castle though!

  8. I see the castle, but I knew it was your apartment building – I remembered it from a previous photo that you posted not long ago. Good for your for capturing it. I would have been in too big a hurry to even see it in the first place and the snow would have been gone – brushed off in my haste to get to work, because I’m usually late.

  9. toni: having to take a photo a day is very motivating. πŸ˜‰ I’ve had a few days where I get to bedtime and realize – oops ..

  10. Hi Lib,
    I knew that was your apartment through the windshield of snow… pretty.

  11. no fairy-tale endings? how about this one: after many long and happy years the girl and her dog who lived in the castle behind the glass made a long anticipated journey together. One morning in early spring the perpetual mist that surrounded the castle parted and seemed to be inviting them to venture forth from the security of the compound. Both of them being of stout heart and strong bodies packed up their yoga mats and set off on foot to find the never before seen golden squirrel. This magical creature lived in the ancient hills that edge the Columbia River. Both the girl and her dog had a deep love of all things squirrel and this squirrel was the most specialist of all squirrels born this century. This squirrel could talk! To humans and to dogs so they were quite interested in finding our what squirrels might have to say about the state of the world. They hiked for many days, camping under the stars, keeping one another warm and sharing the bread and tea that the girl had packed for the journey…

    the rest will have to wait until chapter 2.

    xo lovely view my dear. i know it is a castle

  12. Robin – I love your little story!! Excellent!

  13. Ch. 2. After many weeks of searching for the elusive squirrel, the girl and her dog had an epiphany. They realized that the golden squirrel was just a legend. It represented the ability of all squirrels and dogs and humans to communicate with each other. With that knowledge, they finally made their way home, finding the golden squirrel in every squirrel they encountered from then on. And it was a good thing, because they were almost out of bread and tea, and the dog had actually taken a nibble out of the girl’s ankle. The end.

  14. hold on… that isn’t the way i heard the story told at all…….Ch. 2….after many happy days romping in the woods the girl and her dog became quite dirty and decided they needed a wash. since they were getting weary of the bread and tea diet as well they decided to find a village where they might be able to wash and perhaps find a cafe that served hot tofu and dog cookies. As they made their way west along the ridge of the mountains they began to meet other travelers who were working their way east. They were each one were clothed in clean white yoga pants and carried a mug full of what smelled like hot chocolate before them like a chalice. The girl and her dog became curiouser and curiouser seeing these odd folk and finally one afternoon they invited a man and his cat to sit around the campfire and share in their stale bread and tea. At once the man noticed that the girl’s dog was behaving rather oddly in the presence of his cat. The girl went on to explain that her dog had an personal interest in cats. She assured them he meant no harm at all. He had been walking in circles around the cat on his hind legs and staring unblinkingly for more than an hour! The cat, who had become quite ill at ease was now calmed and stared back at the dog. They all settled in, the girl and her dog who needed a bath and the man and his cat who wore white yoga pants….. and as the girl asked questions about their journey the man and his cat began to answer and the most remarkable tale of adventure began to unfold…. Ch. 3

  15. Shoot! I read your comment about what it really is. I was stymied, I must admit. All I could see was your castle…… πŸ™‚

    (Does Atlas lick the window when it’s frosty? My dogs don’t but I had one cat that was neurotic about cleaning off the window of all fog. His little pink tongue must have gotten awfully tired….writing about him, Bleecker, makes me miss him so much….)

  16. robin: I am curious to read your Ch. 3 now! I rather hope it includes a bath. πŸ˜‰

    lydia: bleeker sounds so sweet.

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