newton’s first law of motion

says that an object at rest tends to stay at rest

unless that object is a dog, then all bets are off

because here, atlas was sitting for a treat


18 Responses to “newton’s first law of motion”

  1. Atlas, What big teeth you have! Yipes!

  2. my babes are blurry, too.

  3. I’m reminded of the monsters in Where the Wild Things Are….

  4. That’s too funny, but I can totally relate. My boys seldom cooperate, that’s why you don’t see them posted too often. 😉

  5. What an amazing perspective this shot shows us! Your commentary was adorable…

  6. All I can think of, is he looks like scooby doo.

  7. that is the perfect picture of a dog waiting for a treat! 🙂

  8. Okay, now I’m afraid of Atlas!!! (Kidding) 😀

  9. I can totally picture you standing there with your camera and a treat. Some dog owners say “beg,” or “roll over” for a treat, you choose “pose.” Shrug. Seems to work!

  10. leanne: I use them too. It’s just that sit is a convenient way to get him to sit, LOL, and he is not good with the posing any other way. Except that he got bored of sitting .. 😉

    laura: no worries! If he hasn’t bitten me by now (and Helen will attest that I am good at being annoying – to him), he probably won’t bite you. 🙂 That being said, I am a firm believer in the statement that every dog has a point where they *will* bite – and it is your job to prevent it.

    maya: yes, waiting ever so patiently, LOL

    ww: very!

    liss: totally does! I didn’t even notice!

  11. I know this truth as well…mine is an 80 lb golden retriever named Sam!

    your capture is amazing…such fun!

  12. TOO FUNNY!! Fantastic capture!! Love this…

  13. looks like Cujo

  14. Haha! The reference to physics drew me in and the humor got me! I have left my near resting state to type these words and leave this comment.

  15. Ooo, he looks a little scary in this one! Or just very, very anxious.

  16. lydia: thanks

    toni: you may have noticed that I ignore the poor quality and post anyway, LOL

    amy: OH! Totally!

    jen: they are, and they are beautiful even when so

    becca: perfect for tug-of-war 😉

  17. elk: oh, I love Sam 🙂

    marcie: I’m glad you liked it

    ann: not my cute little pup! 😉

    hmn: hee-hee .. I hope you’re back to your comfy resting state now

    julie: overly excited really. He is very food motivated.

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