love is ..

.. sometimes warm and fuzzy

8 Responses to “love is ..”

  1. What better place to snuggle up on someone’s lap with a blanket.
    I am currently working on some 2009 goals inspired by yourself.

  2. Cozy… our neighbor’s cat comes by everyday for a little snuggle & treat:)

  3. There’s nothing better to snuggle up with than a kitty and a blanket, unless it’s a dog and a blanket. 🙂

  4. If only I were a kitty person… 🙂

  5. liss: I hope you’re going to share! I love reading other people’s goals too.

    MaryAnn: that’s right – you mentioned that on a post once! I just loved that.

    toni: I must confess that I think a dog is a million times better. 😉

    laura: if only .. 🙂

  6. my goodness…….did i approve this????…..and let me just say, even tho you think dogs are a million times better, you couldn’t do this with atlas:)

  7. Hi, Helen. I thought you saw it on the LCD after I took it and liked it! Otherwise, I definitely would’ve checked with you first. But it really is a great photo of you and Kia. 🙂 I can do that with Atals .. sort of .. he sits between my legs, not on them. Well, he did once or twice when he was little, LOL.

  8. this is a sweet photo..i’m afraid tho that we are a biased bunch here and may be inclined towards the dog camp…i imagine all of you are fans of atlas yes? i thought so. cats stalk and terrify my birds so i just can’t enjoy them. i better not get started… we had our own cat ruby for 18 years. never again.

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