what to do, what to do

I guess it’s never too late to come up with goals for the year. In no particular order, here are some of my goals for 2009. [I’m sure there will be others, but this is a good starting point.]

: keep a 365/2009 album on Flickr

: take a photography class

: print and frame and hang some of my photos

: hike to Ramona Falls

: continue my yoga and meditation practice (if I can do a headstand by the end of 2009, I will be seriously ecstatic)

: take the reiki master class

: be kind to myself and others

: live simply

: take an agility class with Atlas

: investigate what it would take to learn BodyTalk

: be good to the pup

: find some volunteer opportunities that involve the outdoors

: work on being present (living in the moment)


14 Responses to “what to do, what to do”

  1. Great list… I like the last one best and I must remember to do that more myself.

  2. your “sculpture” is too cute and your list seems do-able…good luck!

  3. you don’t want to do dog mountain this year?

  4. I like it. Cut back on the Yoga- you are making the rest of us look bad. I’m going for being able to touch my toes.;)

  5. I love LOVE the sculpture- it makes me smile. šŸ™‚

  6. julie: yes, it’s a good one. So hard to do, though it seems so simple.

    becca: thanks!

    ann: I actually do, but I didn’t make it a goal. Ramona Falls is one because I have wanted to get there for the past 3 years – yet somehow I never do.

    mindijo: heh, I have a long way to go before I can make anyone look bad. I’m still learning sun salutations, LOL, 6 weeks later.

    laura: me too!

  7. the metal work is wonderful…Elizabeth you will be busy in so many wonderful ways!

  8. I love your goals . I am yet to set some for myself as I am scared that I will not meet them as I have very little time to myself.

  9. Those are great goals.. it inspires me to jot some down too

    The photo put a humongous smile on my face… composition & dof is perfect and it so humorous.

  10. I love the photo, too! That is a really unique sculpture.

    My sister-in-law, Anne (Manninen), mentioned that you do energy work- that’s great! I think I may have to jot down a feel goals, I’m feeling all inspired now.

  11. elk: isn’t it great! such talent the artist has ..

    liss: maybe you could set some that involve your kids!

    maryann: is it not the best sculpture ever. I saw it at a Christmas market in Germany (there was a huge stall of them – I was looking for a person with a flute for my sister) and could not resist.

    julie: I just started in october and am still learning my way. I love it though.

  12. What wonderful goals you have set for yourself……print and frame some of my photos is one thing I wanna do too!! haha

  13. headstand???….by the end of the year????…..boy that isn’t too far away:)

  14. oh my gosh you are such a good person elizabeth! these are such honorable goals. i must find you on flickr….the link please.

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