a swampy beauty

“Kindness is like snow – it beautifies everything it covers.”

— unknown


13 Responses to “a swampy beauty”

  1. Maybe I should tell myself that “SNOW is like KINDNESS- it beautifies everything it covers”

    -Laura, fan of summer

  2. LOL. It might help!
    -elizabeth, fan of spring and fall 😉

  3. The picture looks almost too abstract to be real. It’s neat when you can find nature like that!

    -Julie (wishes she was an Alaskan every summer and an Arizonan every winter)

  4. I like that. Cool textures.

  5. Ooo!! Very pretty.
    – Toni, fast becoming a fan of winter with shots like this. 😀

  6. Beautiful and there’s a warmth to that cold scene that I can’t quite figure out!

  7. Virgin snow holds an appeal that seems lifelong in my eyes. I want to walk in it, caress the textures, make a snow angel. I want to hear the sound of the snow under foot.

    Such a gorgeous photograph so perfrect in detail and presentation

  8. why am i tempted to walk out there? a little adrenaline maybe…

  9. Again, I think it looks cold. Like the wind is blowing. I cannot find a way to make peace with winter, either, I guess, although I completely agree with kindness beautifying everything it covers.
    – Leanne, kindred spirit of Laura and Julie

  10. That is such a beautiful saying. This snow looks very soft and lovely.

  11. i could do this snow again..it’s the melting mess i don’t like. that is a great perspective elizabeth. i expect nothing less than an interesting viewpoint from your shots 🙂

  12. julie: that’s the beauty of an untouched swamp 🙂

    lilian: thank you

    toni: that’s probably a good thing, since your area got quite the dusting of it!

    lydia: it must be the light of the sun, which is exactly why I was outdoors with my camera

    EWS: you just wouldn’t want to make a snow angel in there – you might find yourself more than a bit wet. 😉

    MaryAnn: it never went well ..

    maya: all true

    leanne: it’s hard for me to make peace with it when it stays and stays .. maybe that’s your problem too?

    liss: it was very fluffy, yes

    robin: if only we could avoid the melting and mud!

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