Namaste is a traditional Indian greeting. Loosely translated, it means “I bow to the Divinity that is in you” or “The Divinity in me bows to the Divinity in you”.

That, to me, is utterly beautiful.

I think that if I were to use that greeting whenever I met someone or saw someone or even thought of someone, it would be very hard to see the world as “us” versus “them” and even harder to forget that we really are all connected. Because we are.


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  1. Such an ornate and interesting door with vivid reds very cool shot
    I agree with you on Namaste, the origin of the greeting and its meaning is very special and if more used a similar greeting and meant it the world would be a better place

  2. That is beautiful! And it makes such perfect sense, because we all do have a bit of the divine in us. It reminds me of an episode of Oprah- I think the theme was “things I know for sure” and one thing mentioned was, Every. Person. Matters. It was so simple and true and powerful, and it really stuck with me.

  3. amy: that’s why I think the phrase is so powerful. It’s hard to forget that everyone matters if you greet the Divinity within them.

    JJ: agree 100%.

  4. This is my favorite picture since I’ve been following your blog. I actually gasped when I saw this picture. Then I read your comment and I got goosebumps. We all matter. Every day. Thanks for the moment. Love you for that.

  5. I agree if we all adoped a phrase like this maybe peoplewould become less self centred and more caring and respectful to others.
    Very beautfiul Elizabeth, thanks for sharing this and making me think just a little more about the subject.

  6. Namaste is a beautiful greeting and your thoughts are beautiful, as well. I was watching a tv show a month ago or so, Without a Trace or something similar, and one of the characters said “everybody is somebody’s someone”. In other words, each one of us matters. I like that.

  7. This is wonderful! I love the photo and the sentiment. It’s nice to know we all matter and we all have a purpose in being here.

    p.s. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ll sneak out this afternoon and take a few pics of my “pup” (who is now HUGE) . . . and I’ll post them for you. Jewels is definately a force to be reckoned with. 😉

  8. very cool picture, lib.

  9. Beautiful photo. I love the phrase- I never knew the translation before now- it also is beautiful. I have thought, but I’m going to email you it instead of starting what could be a not-so-good discussion on this perfect post. 🙂

  10. That is a beautiful shot! And yes, that is a beautiful word as well.

    Indeed, it reflects onto one of the most powerful and biggest spiritual truths that all spiritual masters of all traditions have attempted to allude towards. But each time, our words get in our way.

    Namaste happens to be a very powerful proclamation, empowering both the self and the other, because in reality there is no other. Behind this subjective mask of I and you, us and them, there is only one reality: that in the depths of our existence, much below our interconnectedness, we are all One! On the surface we are used to a hard reality of separation, however; a powerful illusion created by our real self to experience Oneness. Because in the absence of separation, even the very concept of Oneness loses its meaning. That is why there seem to be so many dualities in life, to which, when we are lost in the illusory reality, we cling and fight upon!

    It is both beautiful and profound, but very few grasp its full implications. The realization of this Oneness is what has also been termed by some mystics as nirvana. It changes everything. Because if we are all One, which we are, everything that we say or do to another, we are actually doing it to our own selves. Only, we may not realize it immediately.


  11. Namaste to you Elizabeth, especially for reminding me that I committed to yoga every day in January and I’m behind. I especially needed to see this gorgeous, GORGEOUS post after reading a variety of news sites online today to see different views in the country. We’re not going to get very far with a new spirit of unity and community if the people who leave comments at Foxnews have anything to say about it. Very disheartening and even scary. It’s up to the rest of us to embrace the planet and to honor our Oneness, even if there are some who want to hold themselves apart.

  12. this is so uplifting elizabeth as were the comments left for you here. if i were to do as you say…greet each person and experience with this in my heart i would be a contented person. i believe it would reflect who i really want to be. great door!

  13. A wonderful post and you are so right. From a more perfect world, when there was respect for the individual and lines never to be crossed, when reverenece and respect were key words, I feel.

    It’s a shame that we don’t (as a world race) practice more love and tolerence, but it will never get any better unfortunately for so many reasons and factors. I sadly, despair of mankind, the dumb ape, and instead turn to the beauty and wonder of mother nature, the animal kingdom and the precious paradise that is this incredible Earth that we live on.

    That’s not to say that I am not polite with my fellow humans, and my quest in life is to always treat others with respect, and as I would wish to be treated myself. Thanks for a very wonderful post, Eliizabeth and namaste to you most definitely

    A superb photograph, by the way, as well.

  14. Leanne: it’s a door to a Episcopal Cathedral in NW Portland. I just loved it. And yes, we all do matter. Every day. Thank you for that reminder.

    liss: that would be nice. I do hope it helps me become less self-centered and more caring and respectful.

    toni: oh, I just love that! Thank you for sharing. I will remember that phrase for sure.

    kyla: oh, yay! I cannot wait to see her!

    julie: thanks!

    laura: I enjoyed the discussion. 🙂

    sumedh: wow, thank you for that. I won’t pretend to completely understand all of what you said – I know a lot of it has to do with ego and I am still trying to understand that. Even on a superficial level, though, I do believe that what you put out comes back to you. If you are thinking or speaking negatively of someone for instance, you can feel the damage it’s causing you, whether you acknowledge it or not.

  15. lydia: I hope it helped combat the negativity. I am not going to look at those sites. I am still hopeful and optimistic, and if they want to dwell in negativity – so be it. 🙂 And oh man .. daily yoga is helping me so much! I can see why you made the commitment!

    robin: I know – I feel so lucky for getting to read the comments. Oooh .. the door is on a cathedral in NW Portland!

    EWS: perhaps I am naive, but I am still optimistic that love and tolerance will spread. But in the meantime, at least we do have the beauty of nature, and of the animal kingdom. And your images always convey that beauty.

  16. I’m a big yogini….so namaste is a regular part of my daily vocabulary. Love the colors..and the perfect illustration of the word.
    Namaste’ – may the light in me honor the light in you!!!

  17. Now that’s a door! Great angle… super interesting.

    It was great to get the definition of namaste’ – I always kind of thought of it like ‘aloha’. Namaste my sistah!

  18. Stunning door. I use Nemaste often and like you, it fills me love towards my fellow men.

  19. Oh yes, that IS beautiful!

  20. “Because if we are all One, which we are, everything that we say or do to another, we are actually doing it to our own selves.”

    I think I grasped part of what you wrote- my epiphany over finding out that every person matters was also me discovering that I mattered. It is hard to put into words, though, and if I try to hold onto it, it slips away.

  21. marcie: I just started yoga, and love it. 🙂

    MaryAnn: I’m glad you like the door too!

    yoli: I’m glad. 🙂

    holly: thanks!

    amy: of course you matter. always.

  22. That is the coolest door EVAR! I love it…….

  23. ww: me too

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