a happy merry year

“The merry year is born

 Like the bright berry from the naked thorn.”

–Hartley Coleridge


May your 2009 be filled with beauty – in the ordinary, and in the extraordinary.


12 Responses to “a happy merry year”

  1. A merry year to you, Libby!

  2. This is a wonderful picture. It brings back great memories of my childhood Christmasses (?). I love colored lights. Thanks for sharing! Wonderful new year to you too!!!!

  3. Happy New Year, Elizabeth!! Here’s to a great 2009 (and you should definitely think about a Lensbaby – so fun and they are in Portland!)!!

  4. toni: ooooooohhhhhhhh .. I do love to support local companies! I think it might be my duty as a Portlander to buy one! 😉

    angela: I love colored lights too; there’s just something about them. 🙂 Have a wonderful 2009!

    leanne: the same to you!

  5. I had to laugh at your response to my comment about my new years resolution to sculpt my guns. They better turn into a masterpiece here shortly.

    And your question about Bizzy on my blog: she’s doing amazingly well without a brace. Happier than ever. She is supposed to wear her brace at night, but always takes it off. Sometimes even if we put it on after she has fallen asleep.

    As for the homeless man’s tent, he wants a specific one from Target. (My friend Amy went and talked to him) It’s only $30, so I may just give him a giftcard. That way, if he purchased it already, maybe he can get himself clothes or groceries or whatever. I hadn’t thought that germs may be an issue for the homeless. Thanks for the tidbit. Gift cards from here on out in that department.

    Love this picture! Have a wonderful New Year.

  6. how festive Elizabeth ~ never have heard “happy merry year” before but I intend to do just that and hope that it will be for you as well!

    I really have enjoyed my visits to this spot.

  7. Love the festive colors in this. Happy merry seems to be the perfect ‘wish’!!! All the best to you and yours…

  8. elk: and I have enjoyed my visits to yours. 🙂 You have a gift with words.

    marcie: same to you!

    ww: happy new year! I’m glad you’re back ‘online’! 🙂

  9. I love this photo!
    Happy New Year! Hope you had a great visit in MI.

  10. I loe happy merry new year – it’s very pretty and makes me smile

  11. tara: happy new year to you too! I had a great time, though it would’ve been fun to be young again and to have you and wendy pop in for a visit. 🙂

    liss: me too. I think I got the ‘happy merry’ phrase from a song lyric, though I am fuzzy on which one exactly.

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