a happy accident

Robin of Bird Tweets (inspired by tango baby) posted a photo that she referred to as a “happy accident” and asked if we had a happy accident to share as well.

My sister’s cat Kia kept us company while we wrapped presents on Christmas Eve. While Helen teased Kia with some ribbon, I took photos. I could’ve sworn that I was focusing on Kia’s face but, when I looked at my photos yesterday, I discovered that I was actually focusing on a nearby shoe. Strange. Despite all that, I really like this photo because it reminds me of watching Kia in motion, batting happily at the swirling red ribbon.

If you have a happy accident of your own to share, please do. And in the New Year, may all your accidents be happy.


11 Responses to “a happy accident”

  1. i’m so glad you’re home!!! this is very sweet photo. and i love the softness that is kia because of the blur… you and i could get very good at appreciating photographs as happy accidents…

    i am ready to go on a cold outing, the gorge perhaps?? the beach?? i am gerry rigging a pair of gloves so that i can have those heat packs inserted and still manage the camera.. i’ll show you a photo once i do my little sewing project.

    i hope tosee many more photos of your trip home elizabeth 🙂

  2. Cute photo of Kia. 🙂 I like the soft effect…

  3. Well, I can’t say I have any photographical (is that a word?) happy accidents, but I’m sure I can come up with many other types of happy accidents in my life- I’ll have to think about it!

  4. Okay, I have one. This is completely off the path of your happy accident, but it still makes me laugh to this day. 8+ years ago, not long after Davin and I were married, I got up one morning after Davin had headed to work. I went to the cupboard to get cereal, and instead of cereal I found a gallon of milk. Cracked me up- and still does. Not to mention the fact that he accidentally has misplaced many items when he’s tired. …I know this is a different twist of ‘happy accidents’, but I like that term for Davin’s mishaps. 😀

  5. robin: thanks for the warm welcome! we’ll have to head out soon. Maybe one weekend in January?! Hmmm .. I don’t have chains; perhaps I should invest in some.

    amy: she is cute – I should post the series of her batting at the string.

    laura: that is a good one! It was an accident, and it resulted in a smile and a laugh so it was happy. Was the cereal in the frig?!

  6. I’ve been thinking about this since last night. I don’t think I have a happy accident with my photography. Lots of accidents, yes, but happy, no. 🙄

  7. We have a neighbor’s cat that visits us almost every morning. He comes in, we give him affection and then he’s ready to go… like he’s doing his rounds.

  8. After looking at yours and robin’s photos I think my accidents are always sad accidents. Though I am inspired by your shots and will look though my photos to see if I have an accident of my own to post as I like the idea.

  9. toni: keep thinking! I’m sure you’ll find some. 🙂

    maryann: that’s funny! I bet he is doing the rounds!

    liss: I’ll be looking to see what you find!

  10. That’s a great shot! What an adorable kitty!

  11. tangobaby: thanks! I loved your surfer shot, though I cannot remember if I actually commented to tell you so.

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