o christmas tree

Tomorrow, I fly back to Michigan. I hope. The weather is not terribly promising. Would you believe that you can’t even get a taxi (unless you’re a dialysis patient)?! I was going to prepare some photos to post while I’m away but, truth be told, I just want to pack and head to bed – it’s been a stressful day. 

Do you want to know what my packing consists of? Some people think about the clothes they’re taking. I think about how to keep myself entertained in the airport and en-route. So far, I have my yoga mat, my iShuffle, 2 meditation sequences, a book (I’d take more, but there is a Powells in PDX and I have never walked away without making a purchase), 6 magazines (2 Oprah, 2 Yoga Journal, 2 Outdoor Photographer), a pen and journal, my camera, a giant fleece blanket, cookies, candy, and mandarins. I wish I had an iPod so I could download some podcasts too. Oh well ..

Happy Holidays! I will be back on Sunday. And if you are traveling in this wintry weather, please be safe.


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  1. good journey elizabeth! i hope you have at least one magazine, 2 mandarins and a few songs left to listen to by the time you get on the plane. the weather is not much better where you are going but at least you don’t have to be a dialysis patient to travel by cab. i’m sending pets to the king while you’re away!

  2. See you in the UP. Safe travels and Merry Christmas! I still have to pack for the five of us (Pete does his own packing – thank goodness) as we are leaving tomorrow as well!

  3. BTW…your travels sound much more relaxing than mine. I never think of entertainment for me….just try to think of stuff to keep the kids happy and I have my fingers crossed that my baby girl will travel well….she hates being on the road and this is her first road trip.

  4. You can get all that in a carry on?? Whatcha doing with Atlas? Safe travels, Elizabeth, and Merry Christmas!!

  5. Hi Lib, I hope that you have a wonderful safe day traveling home… Kath and I are chuckling at the image of you in the airport…. 🙂 with your yoga mat, doing yoga. 🙂

  6. Huh, I never thought of bringing a yoga mat! I tend to over-pack carry-ons, though- you never know what you’re going to be in the mood for! Did you remember a travel pillow? I HAVE to have mine- I have lost a couple in airports and had to replace them- thank God for airport shopping!

    Safe travels- I hope you make it to the U.P. in time for Christmas!

  7. Spending time in airports is my least favorite part of traveling.. you know you can put audio podcasts on an iShuffle, right? I put an hour-long yoga workout on mine, the other day.

  8. I love your packing style! From the reports I’ve been watching from PDX I think you could wind up being very popular if there are more flights canceled. Evidently, boredom has caused lots of stress there. Tonight the news showed someone with a piano and a fiddle playing for the crowd. I wondered who/how they came up with those musical instruments! Have a lovely holiday visit. Travel happily.

  9. A little late getting here…
    Wishing you all the best!

  10. Merry Christmas, Libby!

  11. I believe you can get all that on a carry on. American planes are just crazy with the amount of stuff they let you take as carry on luggage compared to Australian domestic flights.

    I can only hope that is enough to keep you occupied. Enjoy your Christmas break.

  12. Merry Christmas Elizabeth!!! I pray you have a wonderful few days with family and loved ones.

  13. robin: thanks! I actually didn’t spend very much time in the airport at all. I hardly needed any of my supplies until the way home. Yay!

    becca: I hope you had a safe trip to the U.P. and a good Christmas visit!

    toni: Atlas went to the Double Dog Ranch, his home away from home. 🙂

    amy: alas, the yoga mat was cut – I didn’t have enough hands.

    laura: I did not pack one (no room), but I bought myself one in the PDX airport. It was filled with millet hulls, named Minnie, and beautifully striped in pinks and purples and whites. What was a girl to do? 😉

    amy: I figured that you could, but my problem is that the shuffle makes things harder to find again unless your playlist is small. I had enough trouble trying to find my two meditation sequences when I wanted to use them.

    lydia: I saw them! I loved their music. Actually, Tuesday turned into the best day to leave. Most flights were on time. I did, however, feel sorry for the Southwest/Frontier? passengers – their lines stretched almost all the way around the airport from people trying to get onto a plane from a cancelled flight!

  14. marcie: thanks! same to you!

    j: thanks! I hope you were able to spend time with people you love. 🙂

    MaryAnn: I did! I hope you had a good Christmas too!

    leanne:same to you. 🙂

    liss: I am a good packer. 😉

    holly: I did! Based on your posts, it sounded like you had a wonderful Christmas too. I loved the photos of Ellie and Bereket. 🙂

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