do you see what I see

I see Native American petroglyphs. Slightly obscured by the years.

A small child, and a hunter, running to escape the thickly falling snow.

What do you see?


16 Responses to “do you see what I see”

  1. I see a plump fish trying to jump through the ice. Weird…

  2. laura: I am trying to find the fish.

    Now, I see a man running from a very tall witch!

  3. I see faces. Picasso faces, but faces.

  4. i see a cat wearing a bow tie.

  5. i see a crown, the tin mans face and the fish. that was fun.

  6. I will have to come back and look when my eyes aren’t so blurry..

  7. I see a guy with a kite shaped head running from a large bird that is flapping its wings.

  8. I see a wolf with a scarf chasing a man.

  9. Yes, I see that cat with the bow tie on! Ha ha

  10. I see everything but the fish – still – except maybe for the large bird! It is so fun to see what everyone else sees in this!

  11. Now I see the running man, the crown, and the cat! Fun!

  12. I totally see the fish – if he’s heading off the right side of the picture.

  13. I see lightning bugs in a flying frenzy.

  14. oh – now I see the fish! thanks Leanne! 🙂

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