more nuts for everyone

I said in a comment to a previous post that everyone should have more nuts in their lives.

See, even Santa Claus (Sinterklaas, in this photo) agrees!


7 Responses to “more nuts for everyone”

  1. I think Santa may have been on the cooking sherry a little early this year, judging by his appearance! Ha ha

    Hey, a nut house, now that’s cool. Some would say that in the UK we have the largest nuthouse in the world, we call it Parliament….

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. The Santa may be looking for nuts but I agree he’s been into the drinks already.

  3. I agree – he looks like he’s started drinking a bit early. 🙂 Fun photo, E!

  4. He looks like “Extreme Santa” doing what ever it takes to get to the nuts. The photo made me laugh

  5. Great fun. Maybe lasik would help.

  6. your comments made me laugh! It might not have been cooking sherry; there was gluhwein (mulled wine) nearby – perhaps he made a quick stop. I must confess that I did not love it, but everyone else seemed to. 🙂

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