I guess I can’t blame Atlas

I am traveling down memory lane via my photos and found this one. It was taken in 2002, on a trip to Seattle to visit a friend who was studying at Bastyr. My expression made me laugh because it is so very typical.

It is near impossible to get a decent photo of the pup and I. Whenever he is in focus (he’s a rather wiggly pup who doesn’t like to face away from me), I have the strangest expressions on my face. They are hard to describe, but it’s like I’m giving a little meuw. [I made up the word but that’s what it looks like.] It’s usually because I’m saying something to him at the time, trying to get him to stay still and look at the camera. Naturally, I blame him for these faces.

However, this expression is actually very common in my family. It shows up in photos of me, my mom, and a few of my sisters all the time. Apparently we all like to talk when our photo is being taken. Anyway, since this photo is pre-Atlas, I guess I can no longer blame him for my funny faces. Clearly, it’s all me.

[By the way, I still have that jacket, and those Tevas, and I still love them.]


9 Responses to “I guess I can’t blame Atlas”

  1. I really like this picture, even with your expression. 🙂 Makes it seem not so posed, I guess. Don’t feel bad; my mom does the same thing in pictures, as she’s always chewing gum or talking. Therefore, she has similar expressions in her pictures! And to let you know, I enjoy your blog even though I don’t comment too often. 🙂

  2. good morning elizabeth! it would be nice to be able to tell the story behind some of our weirder facial expressions. so many of them do come from the simple act of talking while be photographed. but… i have watched you (and snapped a few photos) with the pup and i know that your expression becomes all lovey, dovey as you say such sweet things and tell him what a smart and beautiful boy he is… this face is nothing to what it has now become post atlas. you look positively cute!
    i’ll send on a couple of them for proof…

  3. How funny. In my family ‘stink eye’ is pretty common… I think that’s why during jury duty whenever I get selected to go through the questioning portion for a trial, I always get kicked off – even as an alternate.

    Not to make you self concious or be so superficial… but you’ve got some ‘smokin’ legs! Have a great weekend.

  4. I was checking out your legs, too. Especially with the shaving discussion we had yesterday! Silky, smooth :o)

    Lovely scenery in the background, can’t forget that!

  5. with legs like that, who is going to notice a meuw? i love the blues of your tevas and jacket found in the water and sky. way to coordinate!

  6. hey tevas and denim jacket ~ last forever! keep smilin

  7. robin: awww, thanks, though you may have gotten lucky. 😉

    MaryAnn: LOL, I will remember that – since I’ve always wanted to be on jury duty! Also, keep in mind that was 6 years ago .. 😉

    ww: that’s right! See .. it’s easier to be lazy when you never wear shorts (too cold).

    jen: clearly, I was much more fashion-conscious back then

    ELK: still am! 🙂

  8. How funny, I was checking your legs out too and wishing I has a set that good.
    I very rarely wear shorts because of them and the bruies too.

  9. aw, this photo of you makes me smile! i’m likin’ the look. plus, nice gams! 😉

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