I happened across a lesson on the Pioneer Woman’s website that explained how to add a border to your photo. I’d always wondered how to do this so dug through my photos to find one that I could use for a test.

I think this photo needed a border, don’t you?

I think I might also need to find a new photography model. Atlas looks about ready to quit.


10 Responses to “framed”

  1. I don’t know if it needed a border or not, but it looks great with it! Looks like it is matted, framed and ready to hang on the wall. I saw that tutorial, too. She’s also releasing a new set of actions in the next day or two – cool! Actually, I think Atlas might protest if you got yourself another model! 😀

  2. I love this shot, with or without border – but I think the border might enhance the background a bit. Atlas is a dream dog and I hope not ready to quit. Maybe a nap is in order! Will there be a photo with Santa? I noticed that Wilco in our town is having pet photos with Santa and I’m tempted, but which of the two dogs and six cats to choose……….

  3. Lovely photo – I’ll have to check out the border tutorial.

  4. He just is trying to impress the ladies with his manly airs. Did me. Visit me at:

  5. Atlas looks so regal & the framing is great… I’m going to try it too..

  6. ohhh- that does look great. My kids know how atlas feels… although there are five of them and only one of him so I suppose he is a bit more in the spotlight.. 🙂

  7. I just learned how to do borders a couple of weeks ago in Elements after over a year of wondering and constantly looking in the index of my books. Turns out it’s under “canvas” and not “border” or “frame”. I was pretty excited. By the way that is a great photo of Atlas. I like the gray of him against the gray of the trees.

  8. toni: I saw that, though never got her first set. I move slowly, LOL.

    lydia: could you take them all?! I should take Atlas for a photo with Santa, though I’m not too sure he’d enjoy it. Then again, they’re usually at places like Petco, so he might be too distracted to care.

    kristina: it was easy to follow, except for the part about changing the canvas color – the instructions didn’t match my version of Photoshop. Thank goodness for Google. 🙂

    sandy: perhaps, LOL

    MaryAnn: you’ll have to post the result!

    julie: you might take more photos than I do even, so they probably all get photographed about the same amount. 🙂

    teresa: indexes, why can’t they match our thoughts?! ;-p

  9. beautiful atlas photo. i think he adores being the apple of your eye. 🙂

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