everything must change

the title of an excellent book by Brian McLaren

and also a truth that I am clearly avoiding

fall must end

winter must begin

I cannot stop the cycle of seasons


16 Responses to “everything must change”

  1. I kind miss having a winter season. Where I am I don’t have the 4 seasons but when I lived in Australia it was the best time of the year for me.

    How is your leaky ceiling coming along? I am trying to get back up to date with everyone’s blog posting now that I am on finally on leave.

  2. Hi, Howard! Thanks for asking – it is finally all fixed. The leaking stopped and they came and repaired/painted the ceiling last Wednesday. Yay! 🙂

  3. We are finally having “winter” here. In East Texas, you don’t get much of one. But frost was on the leaves this morning. The bird baths had frozen water. Makes for pretty photos. Don’t imagine the birds like it much! Love your photo!

  4. We long ago had to give up on fall here!

  5. And maybe that’s the beauty of change. It forces us to adapt and see the beauty of what came before, in comparison to what came after.



  6. I had to face that reality too many weeks ago……this is such a great photo!

  7. or the cycle of change in our lives…..

  8. That’s a great capture, E. Fall and winter are fighting for dominancy here. Neither one is winning at the moment. Well, maybe fall is. I want some snow – be careful what I ask for, right?

  9. That photo is lovely, but it looks so wet and cold. Like I’d want to just keep hustling along if I was outdoors and saw that. I should slow down.

  10. Simply beautiful photo.

    I’m still waiting for my summer to arrive!! Starting to wonder what warm weather feels like, but I think this summer will be hot when it arrives.

    All seasons have their own unique beauty. I know you will find some in winter to photograph.

  11. I personally want to hibernate until spring. I think that means I should move out of the midwest…

  12. Hey, that reality doesn’t stop us from trying to cling to the ending season – does it? Human nature, I suppose. Unless one thrives on change…

  13. angela: good point. I like change in general; I just find it hard to embrace this particular one. Winter has never been my favorite season (too long and dark) and fall always has been my favorite. 🙂

  14. after changes upon changes we are more or less the same

  15. brenda: you did get some pretty photos!

    jan/ww: no doubt I should give up, but since I still have lots of photos, I am hanging on. 🙂

    j: great observation. Maybe I should make it my mission to find the beauty in winter that rivals the beauty in fall. Hmmm ..

    ann: true. I think I am closing in on the end of winter myself, and heading into spring. I guess it is appropriate.

    toni: you can wish for winter, but please specify that it doesn’t move any further south! 😉

    leanne: it was right after a rainstorm so you could have slowed down. I do not always want to take my camera out in the pouring rain (I am not great at protecting it 🙂

  16. liss: that is so very true. Besides, I can live vicariously through you since you will move into fall eventually! 😉

    laura: you might have a shorter hibernation period anyway. That is one thing I enjoy about the west coast. 🙂

    jen: more or less, though I can see the subtle changes in my own life

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