hey, lady

it’s been two whole posts since you last posted a picture of me!

what gives?!

9 Responses to “hey, lady”

  1. handsome boy with the green collar YAY!

  2. I agree, he is a handsome boy. He must be scratching his happy place (nothing perverted, just that hard to reach spot that once you reach just feels so good) – look at that smile! 🙂

  3. lush grass!
    ata boy!

  4. My kids get up set if they are not at the top of my blog too 🙂 (he he)
    The green collar really suits.

  5. Looks like my kind a man. Wish he lived in my neighborhood. Come visit me at

  6. TOO FUNNY! Nice portrait!!!

  7. I guess it WAS about time for another Atlas photo, wasn’t it?? 🙂 Starbucks is also continuing to donate 5 cents for every purchase of their holiday drinks peppermint mocha, espresso truffle, and gingerbread latte through the Holiday season, so if you miss buying a drink today, just get one of the holdiday specials next time you’re there! 🙂

  8. elk/marcie: thanks!

    toni: I knew exactly what you meant, LOL

    sandy: Atlas probably wishes he lived closer to you too! I liked your blog

    MaryAnn: I’ll tell that to him, maybe he’ll appreciate the collar more 😉

    holly: I guess it’s a good reason to switch things up and get a peppermint mocha (decaf, of course)! I wish they also included eggnog lattes.

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