question of the day

if someone celebrates Buy Nothing Day,

can that someone get an eggnog chai from Starbucks?

it seems more appropriate to visit my local coffee shop on this particular day if “coffee” I must have

but I don’t think they have eggnog chai


20 Responses to “question of the day”

  1. is today buy nothing day? I think it is for sure beautiful trees day!!

  2. in the states, yes. in Canada and Europe, I think it’s actually tomorrow.

  3. I’ve never heard of Buy Nothing Day, but I love that idea. I absolutely refuse to shop on “Black Friday”. I did have to buy some plain yogurt for my dogs, though. And go to the vet – poor Buster.

  4. well, starbucks coffee might be nice if you pay cash… or save your cash for the hair salon. yeah. buy nothing, unless its a haircut and color day.

  5. toni: oh, poor buster! I hope he’s ok. I like Buy Nothing Day – it’s a few years old at least – I think it started in Canada and spread. πŸ™‚

    jen: haircut and color day is Tuesday and it is much needed. Good thing I didn’t visit Stbx today. πŸ™‚

  6. I sure Buster will be okay. He’s having some eye problems – ulcerations on both eyes, but the right one is much worse with the ulceration right over the cornea. I think it might be from B&B playing too hard. He has to go back in on Monday for a glaucoma test to make sure it isn’t that, since Boston’s are prone to eye problems, and to see if he is improving. He’s been acting like he feels better tonight after sleeping all day and taking the first dose of his medicines. Fingers crossed!

  7. I much prefer “Give something to the customers for free day! “, ha ha

    A lovely photograph. Hope you have a terrific weekend

  8. Very peaceful scene. I can just imagine your pup having a blast there.

  9. I am thinking there are 365 days in a year is one of them free of a β€œsomething day” These so called days are becoming as common as un-birthdays. Actually it is my un-birthday and tomorrow and the next day, can I go to the shops and get something free. A cut and colour would be nice πŸ™‚

    The trees have lost all their wonderful colour, but you manage to still make them look beautiful.

  10. a peaceful scene elizabeth….. round about midnight when we were driving home from eugene on thanksgiving night we saw a flashing traffic advisory at around Woodburn that said: Heavy traffic ahead. through traffic keep left lane. No parking on the freeway.
    we thought uh oh…. the Thanksgiving crowd must have stayed at grandma’s house too long. But then parking on the freeway??! who would do that anyway?
    and then we saw this line of cars….i mean a line at midnight that stretched for nearly a miles both ways, lined up on the exit ramps to the entrance of the Woodburn Mall. I was so astonished.. and speechless. i had no trouble with no buy day here and i didn’t even know there was one…. and i never even knew what Black Friday meant until i figured it out this year by being on the internet. sometimes i enjoy my ignorance.
    have a good saturday!
    eggnog chai sounds terrific! i bet you could make it up yourself. but then it won’t have that nice local coffee shop feel i guess.

  11. Buy Nothing Day, huh? I like it. But I had to get a flat iron for my hair ’cause my busted and I can’t do my hair without one- and who can walk into Target and just buy what they went for? Haha, I love how I justify everything. And I got a haircut- although I see that’s legit. Oh well. Next year. πŸ™‚

  12. I think that you’re allowed to buy dog food when your boys tell you at dinner time(time to fed the dogs) that we’re all out. So once again I have to go through the routine of “You have to tell me we’re low, like when there’s two days’ food left, NOT wait until it’s gone!” Cause then I have to bundle up and go out in the snow to buy more, and add about 20 miles to the odometer. Grr.
    Eggnog and chai, all in one? Ooh, I’m in.

  13. It was buy nothing day in our house too… well really just, “We refuse to participate in the senseless scrambling and accumulation of worthless stuff that our materialistic and self-saturated country encourages.

  14. holly: yup, that’s basically the meaning behind buy nothing day! πŸ™‚

    nora: LOL. I’ve done that. Sometimes poor Atlas has to make do (on Thanksgiving Day, he had a brown butter biscuit and an apple for b-fast because I forgot to take his food out of the freezer, poor pup). And yes, the eggnog chai is fantastic – especially because then I get eggnog without the taste of espresso (i.e. eggnog latte)!

    laura: I gave my flatiron to Goodwill a few months back. Clearly I should’ve saved it for you!

    robin: oh wow! Midnight already! I could make eggnog chai, but somehow it’s just not the same. πŸ™‚

  15. toni: I really hope he improves.

    floog: I like that idea too!

    kym: he does, though thankfully he’s not birdy else he’d have more fun there than probably anyone else would appreciate. πŸ˜‰

    liss: heh, though buy nothing day is a little different than the made-up holidays to get you to buy stuff. πŸ™‚

  16. Kath and I went out on Friday… but we went downtown and walked around drinking peppermint mochas and went to the local Artisans’ Gallery and bought from there first… so at least we supported local artists. πŸ™‚

  17. i really like this photograph. birches are one of my favorite trees. like tall wood nymphs in a pagan land.
    ~ann b.

  18. I love this photo. Chiming in with Ann, Birches have always been one of my favorite trees as well. There’s nothing like that beautiful white bark!

  19. I am an eggnog and chai fanatic! I never heard of putting the two together… we even have a Starbucks in Boone……

  20. amy: you did good. πŸ™‚

    ann b: oh, I just love that description! they always remind of of wood nymphs too.

    jennifer: it is beautiful, isn’t it.

    ww: I didn’t either – but the barista suggested it when I was explaining to him that I get a grande or venti to disguise the espresso taste in my eggnog latte!

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