thought of the day

Today, I got a Thanksgiving card in the mail from Amica Insurance. It included a bookmark that said:

“Each day holds small breaths of unexpected beauty.”

These were some of mine: a bluebird, a golden cat sniffing Atlas’ nose, a squirrel dancing along a long thin branch, a lovely linen coaster, a multi-colored cotton candy sunset

What were some of yours?


[another photo for the november in b&w photo challenge over at Springtree Road]


17 Responses to “thought of the day”

  1. My son singing happy birthday to me (badly) on the phone, it made me laugh – does that count? A dish of fresh pico de gallo. Good conversation with friends. Chicken noodle soup. A bright orange ball in a puppy dog’s mouth.

  2. A walk with Katherine on a windy, cold fall evening.

  3. Gosh, if I think real hard…….I got nothin’……I’m struggling…..Thank goodness I am on vacation after work tomorrow! Heaven knows I NEED it – a real one.

  4. You must own a Weim I’d imagine 🙂

    Some of my small breaths of unexpected beauty so far today:
    .a photo of my granddaughter sent by my daughter-in-law
    .an amazingly soft pink sunrise

    (On a totally different note, I love the large photo area you have for your blog but I can’t find this template at WordPress … do you do your own html to get this?)


  5. A sleeping baby in my lap, a 5 year old humming, a warm sweatshirt and snow falling….

  6. an unexpected postcard;), a son singing “in the sweet by and by”, a daughter making me an “I love you” card, a husband who gives awesome backrubs, a sunny day…..

  7. Watching my parents’ dog play in the snow- she loves walks, even on cold and snowy days; rediscovering Dead Bug’s pose- definitely one of the more creatively named yoga poses; and bringing my 4-year-old niece and 1-year-old nephew for a sled ride- it reinforced my belief that kids need to play outside every day, as long as there isn’t a blizzard or really cold temps.

  8. an impromptu hug from a toddler at my job, the wind, a leaf stuck in my wind shield, listening to my 16 as she sings around the house.

    Elizabeth thank you for the question I had not really thought about it…I needed to

  9. The sun shining, a package from Fed Ex arriving early, my husband bringing me a diet coke and a kiss- without me saying a word. 🙂

  10. the beauty right in my backyard – a tiny little poplar leaf, a red bursting cluster of hearts a poppin, a carpet of ginko leaves all fallen from the tree, looking at a photo i took of my dog today that made me laugh out loud – and the comment my daughter made when I sent it to her made me laugh even harder. I love those kinds of moments when something tickles you so.
    thank you for posing the question we need to think about more often.

  11. What a great post and question…..

    The natural beauty of my sleeping wife and the smile as I wake her with her coffee….

    The playful love given to us by our two cats…

    Sunrise over the garden trees

    Laughing on the phone with my wonderful mother, who still glosses over my faults and loves me so……

    And many more

  12. One bookcase completely oiled and then restocked with alphabetized books. I know it isn’t everyone’s idea of beauty but ahhh, it looked good.

  13. My internet being restored! seeing how smart my son looks in his new school uniform (for he starts his first year of school in January) and some much needed rain.

    I have to say I like your cup 🙂

  14. Having the kids slowly return home for Thanksgiving! Nice image!!!!

  15. Thursdays. Chipotle chicken sandwich and broc cheddar soup at Panera. People being kind. Compliments. Hugs from my boys. (This is one of my favorite of your photographs…it’s lovely!)

  16. Love this post. It’s always nice to stop and count our blessings, to appreciate the simple beauty that is ‘everyday’. A fire in the woodstove, a chill in the air, a hug from my daughter after school, homemade supper on the table – family style (fully appreciated, as it’s been a while!), snuggles and silliness with the youngest, silent sleeping children, the love that fills the home…and a warm cup of tea to cap it all off…

  17. oh – I love all of your lists. thanks so much for sharing! I’m happy we have so much beauty in our lives.

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