t is for train – and for thanks giving

Some of the many things that I am grateful for ..

a: Atlas (Argos) – my angel pup, my heart-and-soul puppy
b: books, books, and more books
c: Christmas lights, the coast, churches that give back to the community, my camera, and coffee shops with comfy chairs
d: Double Dog Ranch – Atlas’ home away from home
e: eggnog chai, eucalyptus oil, and education
f: friends, family, faith, farmers’ markets, and food bloggers
g: Google, garlic, and good conversation
h: hikes, hot cocoa, and Harry Potter
i: Intel, intelligence, and the internet
j: a job that I enjoy
k: kindness and Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet
l: all things local, the library, laughter, and Lake Superior
m: the Mannheim Steamrollers, memories, mineral water, and mandarins
o: Oregon, the outdoors, and olive oil
p: the Pacific Northwest, photos & photo-bloggers, pumpkin raisin cookies, and the smell of pine
q: quiet and quality time
r: reiki and rainbows
s: Starbucks, sunshine, sea salt, soup, and slippers
t: tulips and opportunit(ies) to travel
u: Uggs (because otherwise I would have very cold feet when I head to Michigan this winter)
v: volunteer opportunities
w: wool scarves,  wine glasses, and wooden cooking spoons
x: x-rays
y: you, for taking the time to comment on my blog posts
z: zucchini bread

[another photo for the november in b&w photo challenge over at Springtree Road]


15 Responses to “t is for train – and for thanks giving”

  1. when are you heading to Michigan this winter? We’ll be there at Christmas…

  2. Nice! I recently smelled up the kitchen cooking in the throes of a garlic craving.

  3. what a simple excercise in being thankful ~ I will have to try a list like this…thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I love this list ideas- I’ve been working on mine. 🙂

  5. This is a really good idea, E! I love your list and I could probably just copy and paste, with a couple of minor edits. 😀 Although two of my thankfuls are driving me crazy tonight.

  6. is it the two B’s? If so, atlas was driving me crazy tonight too! I kept thinking he was having “troubles” and needed to be let out but, as it turns out, he was going crazy for the apple crisp in the oven. Doggone dogs. 🙂

  7. becca: same here – Tues thru Sun morn, I think.

    amy i: oh, lovely. One can never have too much garlic. 🙂

    laura: I can’t wait to read yours!

  8. me: grateful for a dial up connection no matter how slow so I can view all the beautiful photos my online buddies take. I have missed you and others.

    Now that zucchini bread has made me hungry 🙂

  9. I think I’m should make a list like this and tape it to the fridge to remind me of the good things in my life. It seems like I forget, in the bustle of motherhood, to appreciate enough of the small things. While your family might not want to give you up, I’d always enjoy a catch-up over coffee when you are “home”. As would a few others, I’m sure. It’s a busy time of year, but an hour at the Cyberia might work! Just planting a bug…

  10. I quite like your list. Glad to see lots of people are taking inspiration from Leanne’s idea.

  11. Now that sort of list I could probably work with…..I’m all about word association! Great list…..I feel like I know a little bit more about you :o)

  12. This is awesome! Love it! I love alliteration, so it sounds very poetic to me.

  13. I enjoyed reading your list to see what you associate with each letter. Looking at the photo reminded me of how few letters we need to complete/understand a word or phrase. Especially when placed in context of the given photo!

  14. liss: I was secretly hoping one of my sisters would read that and send me some. 😉

    nora: that would be fun! Maybe Saturday morning or afternoon. ?? I’ll send out an email when it gets closer. I did not know there was a Cyberia. 🙂

    mindijo: it was such a good idea

    ww: I love lists, but this one was particularly fun

    shelli: thanks!

    hmn: it was interesting to see it written out – I used the first things that came to mind

  15. i seemed to have completely missed the pumpkin raisin cookies in the p section, until i saw the comment, maybe cuz i couldn’t believe they’d be there….i’m sure there will be one or two at home when you get here:)….i said i wasn’t making any cookies i didn’t like this year, which means i’m only making…..m&m cookies:)

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