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Wandering Wayfarer is having a “green” giveaway. In the spirit of that giveaway, she has encouraged everyone to share some ways in which they currently *are* eco-friendly, and some ways in which they could *become* eco-friendly. No matter your opinion on global warming, I still believe that taking care of our planet is the right thing to do.

Here are some things that I currently do.

: recycle paper, plastic, and glass

: use my SIGGs for water

: bring my own grocery bags to the store

: air dry almost all my clothing (though truth be told, I do this more to save the fabric than for environmental reasons)

: buy meat that is local and organic (and buy it rarely), dairy that is organic and/or local, produce that is local, organic, and in-season (local trumps organic if necessary), and organic for everything else

: buy handmade and patronize locally owned or sustainable-minded businesses whenever possible

: make my own cleaning product(s)

: keep the heat quite low and wear warmer clothing inside the house (some would say I go overboard here – though it’s mostly because I hate high energy bills)

Here are some things that I could do.

: walk to work, at least occasionally

: bring my own mug to Starbucks (I do bring it to the local coffee shop; I didn’t realize you could bring one to Starbucks)

: get my toilet leak fixed (this is work in progress)

: switch to cloth napkins

: use a bike for errands (this requires that I buy a bike)


It’s fun to read everyone else’s lists and get ideas so, if you’re interested, do participate!


18 Responses to “a greener planet”

  1. Good for you, Elizabeth! You are giving me some ideas. I was only able to come up with four things that I do. I’m a bad planet steward. I’m actually sitting in my home right now with the heat off and a heavy sweatshirt on, but that’s because I’ve had the patio door open most of the day so the boys could come in and out without me having to attend to the door all day. I prefer a warm house, but it’s because of my Raynauds. Anyway, good tips!!

  2. I am the last person to get into a greener planet, but it’s ironic because I actually live a pretty “green” life. 🙂 We only burn wood for heat. We have a wood-burning sauna that heats the water too. I hang-dry most of my clothes. I make all of our bread, using such things as flax seed and oatmeal. I make the kids reuse towels and rewear outfits. Same with cups. I am a stay-at-home mom, so I don’t use gasoline daily (in the winter, hardly at all). We grow a garden, with such things as tomatoes, onions enough for the year, beets, peas, beans, corn, peppers, and whatever else gets thrown in the ground year to year. My husband and son hunt and we eat the meat that they provide (Matthew shot his first deer today!).

  3. I love seeing those extra items in the “things I do” list…….it’s great knowing others out there care as much as I do……sometimes you wonder 🙂 But I already knew you were a greenie!

    Glad you participated :o)

    p.s. Toni, I bet you could come up with one more item!!

  4. I used to use cloth napkins but got away from that …I will start that again..is the gondola your new mode of transportation …very green :))))

  5. I guess I do some things- as much to live within our means than to be green. We eat locally raised beef, home grown chicken, local organic milk (we get it in reusable containers.) We grow our own eggs, compost, grow my own herbs, some veggies. We reuse our towels. Buy used clothing, toys, furniture, and vehicles. Heck, most of what we buy besides food is used. My kids also wear hand-me-downs, and we pass on anything that has wear left for others to use. We also “reuse” stuff from the landfill such as chicken wire, old cement chunks for our retaining walls, old metal garbage cans. Our house is built into the hill for energy efficiency, we also orientated it to the south for solar gain in the winter. We recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum, tin, glass, #1 and 2 plastics. My kids and I pick up litter when we walk (we plan to cash the cans in for some fun family event some day.) I do not get any magazine subscriptions- we read hand-me-down magazines, then bring them back to the recycle shed. I am an avid user of the library. We live in a small house-1500sf for seven people. My hubby likes to repair things- instead of buying new- such as bicycles, lamps, furniture, etc. We built our chicken coop and playhouse out of used materials. Most of our garage too (the tin siding.) I am currently not using any paper napkins or paper towels. At this stage of our life we aren’t traveling much either- no air travel.

    So, I guess we are pretty green over here. I think I should get a prize! I challenge anyone to top this list! I am sure this paints such a pretty picture of us (you all are picturing some ragamuffin kids : )

    I can only think of a couple of things I could do to be greener: use less baggies in lunches, I could cut rags to use instead of wipes, and of course, use cloth diapers. I have done without wipes at times, but I don’t plan on using cloth diapers. I hope to grow more vegetables next year. I am not good about bringing my own bags to the store, but the plastic bags I get are reused for garbage.

  6. In the UK, we are way behind our Canadian and American cousins in the green issues, but we are now recycling rubbish at last, and make a concious effort to consider the needs of the planet.

    Supermarkets now charge for plastic bags, and offer green bags for life, and in shops we all opt to have packaging left with the shopkeepers who have green policies of recycling, rather than take them home ourselves.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but with our tough emmissions tests for cars and motorcycles, we are leagues ahead of some countries as well.

    At home we use the washing machine, tumbler and dishwasher less. We use less central heating, and special ppower saving bulbs

  7. Kath and I are not that “green”, sadly. We keep the heat low in the winter and don’t use the air conditioner in the summer, as a general rule. We recently switched out all of our light bulbs for those new energy efficient ones that look quite funky. I use public transportation to get to the hospital. We bring cloth bags to the grocery store (although we just started this, and we often forget them at home when running to the store on the spur of the moment). We recycle cans. We buy local eggs, some local veggies at the co-op, and antibiotic-free, organic meat and milk. We do not buy bottled water (all of that plastic!), but have a Brita filter attached to our faucet.

  8. Jan .. I nominated you for that list alone. Wow. 🙂

    It is true that living within your means and simply *is* usually good for the planet – in more ways than one. Which I think both you and Brita have shown by your comments.

  9. toni: I much prefer a warm house, but my energy bills are high when I keep the heat at 55-60. Doggone non-energy efficient apartment. 😦

    brita; yay for Matthew! I’m sure he’s excited!

    ww: if you love nature, it’s hard not to care. 🙂

    ELK: I wish! But until our streets are flooded, I’m afraid it’s not feasible. 😉

    amy: good list! I am switching out all my bulbs for the sunshine-y ones due to our long grey winters; I wonder if they’re energy efficient.

  10. I look terrible compared to some who have posted here. I recycle, I recently started using cloth store bags- although I do sometimes forget to use them. I never throw plastic store bags away without reusing them for bathroom garbage bags. I hate to admit it, but I do keep bottled water in the house. I always drink our water when I’m at home but if I’m going to work out or run errands and my water bottle got left in the car or is dirty I’ll grab a plastic one from the fridge. I constantly work to make the case of water stretch. The reason I keep it in the house is I get really shaky if I don’t drink enough water. …look at me, trying to justify my bad actions! No more. I’ll try harder. About half the light bulbs in our house are energy efficient. We keep the heat low in the winter and bundle up. I’ll for sure have to start buying fresh local veggies.

    Bad Laura! (I slapped my hand!)

  11. I can’t top Jan and Brita’s list by any means.. but… I have been wearing the same tennis shoes for the past 11 years….and I got them because some one left them in my car and never claimed them- that’s got to count for something, right? LOL…

  12. My new resolution is to stop dropping my batteries in the trash and instead put them in the areas designated for that. It isn’t that hard. Why did I struggle with it so much?

  13. That’s a good one, Kym. An easy habit change!

  14. What are SIGGs? and Elizabeth, I would love and email with cleaning product recipes! I’m very interested in that (not just to be “green” but for allergy/sensitivity reasons).

  15. Julie!! I want my shoes back…now 🙂

  16. Wow, great dialog going here………too bad they didn’t join the giveaway, but at least we got them thinking about it :o)

  17. Hmmm…definitely food for thought. Love reading the conversations…

  18. btw, everyone, I appreciate the thoughtful responses! They were fun to read. 🙂

    ww: yes, good discussions.

    marcie: they were fun to read, weren’t they!

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