weimaraner – 1, everyone else – 0

Whenever I let Atlas lick my plate, I put the plate into the dishwasher. It’s the sanitary thing to do. I was going to hand-wash dishes after dinner so, after finishing my lunch, I gave Atlas the last bite of waffle and almond butter-y goodness, put the empty plate on my desk, and went back to my work. I felt a presence. I turned my head and Atlas was standing there, staring at the plate. I wagged my fingers at him, said, “No more. Go away.” and went back to my work. I felt a presence. I turned my head and he was still standing there, staring at the plate. He was so cute. I gave him the plate.

weimaraner – 1, Elizabeth – 0

Atlas spent a few days at Double Dog Ranch. When I picked him up yesterday, Sam (one of the owners) said that he still loves his food. Whenever Sam put the dogs in their crates for dinner, Atlas let him know that he was ready to be fed – immediately – with his VERY LOUD BARK. I told him that I was sorry. He said that he feeds Atlas first; he can’t bark with food in his mouth.

weimaraner – 1, Sam – 0 (though you could argue that Sam wins too)


[another photo for the november in b&w photo challenge over at Springtree Road]

15 Responses to “weimaraner – 1, everyone else – 0”

  1. i love weimaraners! they’re gorgeous. atlas looks so sweet in this photo. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth, when I studied in Sweden, my host family always let there golden retriever lick the dishes before they loaded them in the dishwasher. They said dogs tongues are increadibly clean. They commented that this practice completely grossed out their friends from France, but my host parents said carpeted French bathroom are what’s really disgusting! 🙂 I guess I have to agree. 🙂 I’m curious how you got started doing this? I liked your story!

  3. I do not like carpets in bathrooms either. 🙂

    It was my way of saying “thanks for not trying to grab the food off my plate *while* I am eating it.” 🙂 He sits and stares and waits so patiently and looks so cute and I am such a sucker. 🙂 And yes, dogs mouths do contain more bacteria than humans and are cleaner ..

  4. Atlas is such a cutie. Buddy sits and stares while I’m eating and usually he’ll put his head on my lap and look up at me with his big puppy dog eyes. I ignore him. He does NOT get my plate to clean up. Buster is actually pretty good. I think. I haven’t eaten yet tonight, so I’ll have to pay attention.

  5. toni: you are strong. I am weak. 😉

    maya: thanks. He is a sweet dog.

  6. Just have to say I have never see or heard of carpet in a bathroom seems a strange concept.

    Atlas looks content in the picture, I wondering if he had a fully tummy when you took the shot.

  7. With two kids at home now, and Tucker being an unusually tall golden retriever, (he can rest his head on the table top) as soon as I take the kids in the kitchen to clean them up after eating, he swipes his head across the top of the dinner table and finishes whatever was there. I’ve tried to break him of this habit (he didn’t use to do this) but have given up. I know I should try harder since he is going on 7 and his current healthy size is already doing a number on his joints. I don’t want my 95lb dog to be over 100lbs!

  8. liss: he was napping. 🙂
    ww: we are!
    holly: he’s trying to help you, so you don’t have to wipe the table! LOL

  9. What a really nice close-up 🙂 He looks so at ease and sleepy … it’s making me feel like having a nap too:P

    At least he sits there quietly and patiently waits…my little doggie is such a pushy one and will stick his face into my food whenever he get a chance :).

  10. I celebrate the look on his face in this image ~ even though you are “losing” you’re winning with a sweet dog like Atlas!

    confession ~sam our golden licks a plate or two before we put it in …it is a “pre-wash”

  11. howard: it is hard to resist a sleeping pup, isn’t it. 🙂 If there is butter or meat on the plate, he is probably more like your doggie; he has a much harder time resisting those two things.

    elk: a “pre-wash”! That’s it – I mean, their tongues get the plates so clean! I am saving the dishwasher. 😉

  12. You inspired me to convert some pics I have of weimers into black and white! YOu can see the results at

  13. hello to the boy cadillac and elizabeth! this post just made me laugh 🙂 the score keeping part…why bother? you are never going to win at anything related to this handsome dog 🙂

    i am about to start catching up on my blog reading. it is good to be home! but sad to leave my babies 😦

    p.s. i sent atlas an e-mail to try for a weekend camera outing… you wanna come too?

  14. You naughty thing, letting Atas lick your plate!! Dogs LOVE their food don’t they? If I’m opening a can of tuna – well, they’re like sharks! Wherever they are in the house, they’ll be at my feet in a matter of seconds. I once gave them a few flakes from the can and they have never forgotten! It’s a bit of a ritual now.

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