as the blossom drops its petals

Last night after work, I sipped an eggnog latte and read Essential Reiki (and a few other books) while curled up on a chair at Barnes & Nobles. In it, the author mentions that she warns people about the “six month emotional clearing process that follows Reiki II” and says that “the changes are highly positive, but may be disconcerting”.

Disconcerting indeed. I have always believed that emotions – particularly repressed or unresolved emotions – play a greater role in our physical, emotional, and mental health than we realize. That’s why I am such a fan of holistic and alternative medicine. Of course, I did not really think they had affected me.

The experiences of the past few weeks have taught me otherwise. After each experience, however, I notice that I am lighter inside. My creativity is blossoming. And I am finally finding the words that have eluded me for so long. For all of that, I am thankful – no matter how painful and uncomfortable the process.


[another photo for the november in b&w photo challenge over at Springtree Road]


25 Responses to “as the blossom drops its petals”

  1. I absolutely love this photograph! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time, but this is definitely my favorite so far!

  2. looks like ansel adams….very poetic.

  3. i also think i’m scared to try reiki

  4. LOVE this photograph! I’ll have to have a conversation with you about mental health- I’m a big advocate of positive mental health, and I welcome any alternative methods that may help those dealing with mental illness.

  5. OFG: I’m glad it lured you out of hiding. 😉

    ann: thanks! also, no worries. You would probably find it very relaxing. 🙂

    laura: we’ll chat, though apparently my mental (well, emotional anyway) health was not totally positive, LOL.

  6. really nice angle , as WW said last post your are getting very cleaver at this.
    Is this the results of the Reiki we are seeing?

  7. I have an interesting emotional health story…(involving my adopted grandmother, my daughter, and I). I will share it s.omeday…

  8. spy: thanks!
    liss: sort of .. the basic premise is that a great deal of my energy is sucked up dealing with *stuff* and so it’s not available for everything else. Now that the stuff is going away, my creative energy – for example – is increasing. 🙂
    jen: I’d like to hear it someday!

  9. i would love to try reiki! i have no idea if there’s a practitioner in this area, though.

    that flower is gorgeous. i love the petals and then the lines of the blinds behind it. i find it really difficult to take photos of flowers in b&w.

  10. Love this image, E – really well done. You are making reiki sound like something I need to check out to get my creative juices flowing again. I’ve felt a bit paralyzed lately.

  11. To embrace the natural rhythm of life is a true gift…

  12. Question du jour: Who defines mental health? Is it someone who’s life is devoid of conflict… or maybe someone who deals with the conflict appropriately? Who defines appropriate coping behavior? Or is it just our “feelings”…sadness, happiness, anger…a balance of those things? And then what’s the proper ratio of those feelings? Who decides what “normal” is? BTW – LOVE this photo.

  13. Gah. Is it “who’s” or “whose” life…”

  14. leanne: I think who’s is usually a contraction – who is or who has – while whose is possessive. 🙂

    interesting questions! I think each one can have a million answers. 🙂 I don’t know if it’s possible to have a life devoid of conflict – we are very good at creating internal conflict even when there is no physical conflict. I do think that emotional health is a big component of mental health, and that one component of emotional health is an ability to deal with emotions, along with an ability to understand the emotion that you are really feeling (e.g. using anger to cover sadness ..). I am also not sure that there is a proper ratio of feelings because we are all individuals (though that Chinese Medicine book did say that it should all balance out in a sense 🙂

    Hmmm .. I should do a post on my problem in general that I am working through. It pertains to this and maybe I will get some good input.

  15. HMmm, I may have to research reiki.
    I love this photo. It’s beautiful.
    Do you sell your photos?

  16. Mindijo: I haven’t yet. 🙂 if you ever want one, let me know and I can put it on Shutterfly and you can order a print. Ooooh – or if you have a digital printer, I could email it. I didn’t even think of that!

  17. Very cool picture! You are quite the picture-taker! 🙂

  18. you cannot go wrong with an eggnog latte…seriously let your talent shine E.

  19. In response to Leanne’s question about mental health, in general, “normal” mental health has fluctuations in terms of our emotions, responses to everyday and/or abnormal stresses, life events, etc. In terms of psychiatry, it’s a large group of psychiatrists who come up with the “standard” criteria for diagnoses of mental illnesses and it’s periodically evaluated and revised… but the one constant in diagnosing abnormal mental health or mental illness is that it has a significant negative impact on one’s life, whether that be work/relationships/etc.

  20. I had a peppermint mocha last night. It actually was the best tasting thing since I got sick on Monday and made my tummy very happy. 🙂 Very geometricky picture. 🙂

  21. That is a very beautiful thing………you will go far with an attitude like that!

  22. love the contrasting lines.

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