how lucky am I

I get to walk through this glorious tunnel each and every day.


16 Responses to “how lucky am I”

  1. that is gorgeous!

  2. Just Beautiful!!! Laaa la laaa la!

    I was on my stomach taking pictures this weekend too!

  3. Lucky lucky you!!! Gorgeous! 🙂

  4. Stunning! You have got to be the luckiest girl in the world!!!

  5. Wow!

  6. That IS a glorious tunnel. Lucky you. I like the angle, too.

  7. Right, I’m jealous.
    Thanks for sharing so I at least get a glimpse of beautiful path.
    Your composure of the shot really does the justice this view deserves.

  8. that is not only a wonderful color but the branches and trunks just pop out …is this where you work?

  9. ELK: no, it’s where I live, though I live about 3 miles from work anyway. 😉

  10. You picked a wonderful perspective here……as well as, a very complimentary angle! I love it!!

  11. You are lucky.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous photo! We’ve seen very little of fall colours here – lots of grays, as usual – so this is a treat. Thank you! (Fall is my favourite time of year, especially this one, with our new change of direction. Hooray!)

  13. wow! that’s GORGEOUS! you are one lucky ducky.

  14. do i get to go see this with you next year? this is stunning!!!! lay it on the ground at an angle yes? that is a heck of a nice shot girl!

  15. This is a wonderful photo! The converging lines with people at the meeting point. The path. The brilliant color. The contrast of the vertical lines. I would love to meander down this path, scuffing through the leaves.

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