black and white and read all over

No, I haven’t lost my zeal for autumn color photos – or run out of them. I’ve been enjoying the black and white photos of other photo-bloggers as they participate in the november in b&w photo challenge over at Springtree Road, and thought I’d join in.


5 Responses to “black and white and read all over”

  1. Nice composition, Elizabeth. Isn’t black and white fun?

  2. Nice emphasis on earth and sky and an interesting perspective.
    We had a big beautiful rainbow over our house today, no photo though.

  3. I love that you have decided to join in too. I like this shot, it is also something differnt to your normal subject matter.

  4. my boys are very impressed with this one!

  5. ann: I will keep that in mind! There is always construction equipment around here. 🙂

    liss: very true. But I liked the color of the sky and the hoe-thing.

    lydia: oh, I love rainbows! I haven’t seen one here in a while.

    toni: it is! But I am missing my fall colors already. 😉

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