how much longer can I say

that I heart fall


thanks to Jessica of wayfaringwanderer for the photo inspiration


14 Responses to “how much longer can I say”

  1. ahhh….I love it! I dread the dark of winter.

  2. Very cool shot!

  3. What a lovely picture. What a lovely heart you have.

  4. Way to appropriate an idea! I like it!! 🙂

  5. beautiful, Elizabeth.

  6. I saw this on Jessica’s blog. Wasn’t it beautiful!!
    I think you have done a great job at creating your own version

  7. This is wonderful! Love the bright colors! Gorgeous!

  8. You took a great idea, and made it your own… I like that the heart is off center..

  9. Sooooo cute! Hey, I got the idea from J.H.!

    I guess you could say that this idea gets around 😉

  10. Echoes of Andy Goldsworthy! I love the picture- the colors of the leaves are beautiful.

  11. Thanks for making me smile!

  12. That’s beautiful.

  13. ww: apparently it does! Good ideas travel. 🙂

    I’m glad you all enjoyed it!

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