home, sweet home

oft-times, there is no place else I’d rather be


11 Responses to “home, sweet home”

  1. I’m a super duper homebody! I did feel better today, so we went for a walk……the weather was perfect!

  2. I’m definitely a homebody. I really, really like this photo – love the perspective and the leaves in the foreground. Nice DOF.

  3. i recognize this perspective very well 🙂 i love a good curb. i love how your doorway is beckoning you in.
    i didn’t go to silver falls today i went down the gorge instead and had an absolutely fantastic time. i got all muddy and wet, climbed until i could hardly walk and found stunning waterfalls and amazing views! i want us to take out the cadillac on his leash and explore when the cold weather comes. someone who saw me taking pictures told me it was an amazing place to come in winter. i believe it… i am going to send you a photo so be sure to look in your mail 🙂

  4. I agree with the sentiment completely. 🙂

  5. I’d like to see you out and about taking pictures….I’ll bet you get in some pretty interesting positions for the good shots. 😉 And I can picture Altlas looking down, puzzled at you flat on your belly for this one.

  6. ww: I’m glad you’re feeling better – and I hope you took your camera! This photo was from my (and Atlas) walk yesterday! 🙂

    toni: thanks!

    robin: your photos were gorgeous. We will visit the Gorge this winter for sure.

    amy: 🙂

    becca: heh – I was actually holding the camera near the ground. It made for a million more takes but was much more comfortable for me. 😉

  7. home sweet home on the curb? how odd! isn’t that uncomfortable for you and atlas?

  8. gilly: thanks

    ann: LOL, it sure is, especially for a pup who complains about sleeping on the floor. 😉

  9. I must’ve missed this one earlier because I would’ve commented.

    I’m such a homebody. When I was younger, I loved running. (You know that as well as anyone for all the times I visited you girls in the U.P!) I loved going, going, going. But, now I love nothing better than to be at home. It’s the best place to be. It brings such a feeling of contentment for me.

    Love the angle of this shot.

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