the age of wisdom

They were standing off to the side of the path with the dog.

“He’s really friendly. There’s maybe one chance in ten that he wouldn’t like your dog, but it’s that one chance that we’re trying to avoid.”

Isn’t that the truth for us all.


7 Responses to “the age of wisdom”

  1. If only everyone were so considerate!

  2. I understand them completely. Buddy used to be so excited and happy to meet new dogs until he was attacked by a Mastiff and then some huge big black fluffy dog a couple of days later. Plus a friend’s husband’s two dogs attacked Buddy a couple of weeks after that. Consequently Buddy is aggressive first and makes friends later. Walks are stressful, especially if somebody lets their dog off leash (or in my town, left to roam all over town).

  3. We once had a Great Dane that a pocket dog attacked. The owners thought that was cute! I guess they trusted our dog a lot more than we did.

  4. I really like the suspenders and overalls.

  5. No argument from me. I was once walking my own small dog when a German Sheppard attacked us. I screamed at the woman owner to control her dog and all she could do was throw a shoe at it. She was scared of her own dog but allowed it to walk of leash. I am glad not all people are this stupid.

    I won’t be around for the next few days off on a mini trip of a long weekend. Hopefully I will have some cool photos to share upon my return.

  6. Isn’t that true! I love this little story. Thanks for sharing.

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