the old river road

I am so very glad that Robin showed me this path along the Willamette. It’s very near a favorite dog park, so I can see that Atlas and I will be walking it often.

Aren’t you curious to see where it goes?


11 Responses to “the old river road”

  1. Hey, E! Very curious indeed!
    Have you noticed that the last several posts have a white background instead of a color that matches the photo? I’m having the same thing, and I’ve noticed it elsewhere, too, with the Monotone theme. I’ve sent in a support request.

  2. I have. I checked the forums and noticed that someone else mentioned it and said they were filing a support ticket on the issue. I figured I’d be lazy and see if it got fixed without my input. 😉 I’m actually not minding the white though!

  3. I’ve been searching the forums and haven’t seen a thing! I guess I’d better look some more. 🙂 Well, maybe if support gets that other one AND mine they’ll get to work on it. Soon I hope. I personally miss the color, although I didn’t mind it on the first one.

  4. I’m curious about all the debris you got on your shirt laying on the ground. The bokeh in the foreground is awesome. Love it.

    I’m going to be looking for Atlas in Balboa Park now:)

  5. MaryAnn: I wouldn’t look too hard. 🙂 I’d have to be willing to take a road trip for Atlas to visit, and that’s a rather long drive. He and I drove down for a week of vacation once when I lived in Sacramento and I thought it long then. 🙂

  6. Elizabeth, you did a beautiful photo, framed just right to draw me in and wish I could go down that walk. very inviting and skillfully done!

  7. Oh I would love to see the exact same shot taken when the leaves are in full autumn colour. Lovely composure

  8. Hi Lib, I’ve been loving your fall photos lately. 🙂

  9. The perspective is wonderful!

    MaryAnn: I never mind getting dirty for the sake of a photograph… should see the stuff I come home covered in!

  10. Very curious! It looks so inviting. 😀

  11. how fun this is for me to read these comments elizabeth! i do love the perspective as you know. thank you for that tip. it is a big deal since it helps me be able to more often get photos without a tripod. i like how you invite everyone to imagine where they might go if they only walked this path.
    i just sent you an e-mail.

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