just for laughs

“What did I ever do to deserve this?” is what I’m sure the pup is thinking.

On a semi-related note, whenever I look though my archives, I chuckle because there are almost no shots of people. In case you’re wondering why, let me explain.

a) I am a hermit.

b) I don’t like people.

Now you know.



12 Responses to “just for laughs”

  1. You make an odd hermit. Very friendly for a person who doesn’t like people 🙂 he looks not so regal in this photo!! so funny! no wonder he hates it… he looks ridiculous! he is probably more vain than i initially thought 🙂

    now tell me…was that last photo from our walk or somewhere else?

  2. the watch cap looks rather jaunty.

  3. Heh. I was totally kidding. In case anyone is wondering .. the real reasons I rarely post shots of people are:

    – I forgot my camera
    – I got a photo but it was the “oh, you’re leaving and I didn’t get a photo of you” shot that never really turns out
    – They don’t want their photo posted or I forgot to ask them or I know they’d want to approve the photo first
    – We all have our preferences, portraits are not mine 🙂

    I remember teasing my friend Jen when I was young that if I took photos at her wedding, she’d have to get married in the fall and then I’d spend my time taking photos of the scenery and not the wedding party, LOL.

  4. Oh, that poor pup…Just what DID he do to deserve this? 😀

  5. He looks like he’s about to go rob a petsmart :o)

  6. He looks so cozy! Going on a robbing fest is a great idea! Still laughing…

  7. Great photo Elizabeth.
    SO HAPPY you and Robin Bird got to get together!!


  8. Poor pup. He looks so long and lean and mournfully adorable though. I like the way you set the photo around him almost diagonally. The banister in the background goes right behind his eyes and makes me focus on them and then slide uneasily away –adds to my sympathy with his uncomfortableness.

  9. I am laughing and feeling sorry for him at the same time. His expression is priceless. You really do have a beautiful dog.

  10. And this one I’m still thinking about days after seeing it – one of those ‘stuck with me’ ones. Love the photo – and the ‘I don’t like people’ cracked me up completely for various reasons. I totally get it.

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