weekends, glorious weekends

I took the day off on Friday; my carpets were scheduled for cleaning so I had to keep the pup out of the house. We headed to Detroit Lake, 50 miles east of Salem on Hwy 22. The drive was absolutely gorgeous; I could not get enough of the colors. We stopped at N. Santiam State Park (where the above photo was taken), Detroit Lake State Park (which seemed to be under construction), and at a campground on the Santiam River just past Detroit. On the way back, I discovered a great little coffee shop in Mill City called Rosie’s Mountain Coffee House. If you’re ever driving by, do stop in.

On Saturday, I took Atlas to a doggy Halloween party at PetUtopia in the afternoon and then to a TTouch class in the evening. On Sunday, I had a shift at the shelter and then met Robin – who, by the way, is as lovely as you would expect based on her images and stories – for a photo walk along the river.

All in all, a lovely long weekend. I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well!


11 Responses to “weekends, glorious weekends”

  1. Beautiful shot Elizabeth. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I had a lovely afternoon with my son. 🙂

  2. Oh do we get to see photos of the doggy Halloween party. Sounds so cute!!
    This is another glorious fall picture. Makes me want to holiday in your neighood. 

  3. I’m so jealous……..I would have loved to go on a photowalk with you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m happy that you two have been officially introduced :o)

  4. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I must sound redundant, but I’m really enjoying the colors of fall here… I’m mean here at your blog. Beautiful!

    Looking forward to Atlas a l Halloween:)

  5. oh that is our walk!!! how cool to recognize the spot! i adored mr. cadillac atlas as you know 😦 and you..well i thought you were pretty darn nice yourself. thanks for the lovely walk. i have some good photos to post but i am way off schedule.

  6. beautiful autumn color. sounds like a wonderful weekend. thanks for the comment on my blog. it always makes me happy when I get new visitors.

  7. Sounds fantastic! And that photo is just awesome. Can you actually take a bad photo anywhere?



  8. toni: thanks, I did!
    liss: oh, you will. 😉
    ww: come to Oregon!
    MaryAnn: that’s what I keep saying on people’s fall color posts too 🙂
    robin: this was actually from Friday! I just uploaded the photos from Sunday – you’ll see one soon.
    syw: thanks!
    jack: you should see my iPhoto albums – you might be surprised, LOL

  9. elizabeth i posted some pictures over at my place 🙂

  10. I saw them; they are great!

  11. here from Robin’s site…you have a handsome pup , and an artist’s eye with a camera ~

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