a river runs through it

if I ever tell you that I’m planning a trip during the fall

just ignore me

I do not plan to ever miss autumn in Oregon again

in fact, I may never leave Oregon again


16 Responses to “a river runs through it”

  1. …may have to come visit you….your scenery shots lead me to believe I’m missing out!

  2. I agree with Becca completely…

  3. Oh, do! Seriously — I cannot get over how gorgeous it is, and how varied the scenery. I am constantly patting myself on the back at how clever I was to move here. :-p

  4. I don’t blame you, Elizabeth. That is gorgeous!

  5. i had a great day as well elizabeth! i think the sky was as blue as it gets in new mexico. and all the red and gold leaves in relief against that blue. amazing! that is a photograph that does truly do our home justice.
    see you soon!

  6. Oh, I just want to tell you what Phil says EVERYTIME he sees a picture like this. “Oooooh, there’s lots of trout in there!” πŸ™‚ I’m sure that’s not what you thought! hehe

  7. Elizabeth,
    Tomorrow (today actually) we’re heading over the McKenzie Pass to see autumn colors. Perhaps you know of it already, so I apologize if I’m telling you about one of your well-loved spots! When I first moved to Oregon in 1976 my new co-workers recommended the trip that fall. Check your map for the McKenzie Pass just outside of Sisters (toward Salem, not Bend). There are gates at both entrances to the Pass as it is closed completely with the first turn of bad weather. The road is a NARROW two-lane road and weaves up into one of the most breathtaking scenes at the top: miles and acres of lava fields and a full view of all the mountains. From there, when you are heading back down – that is the area where the many colors are. It’s gorgeous! There’s a little picnic ground before you hit the main roads back to Salem/Lebanon, etc. and the birds come to your hands for bread. Now, one time I took the wrong turn and instead of heading back to Salem I wound up going all the way through Lebanon and then the freeway past Corvallis and back to Salem, then home. It was a loooong day! So be sure to get your bearings and read your map better than I did.
    ALSO, for walking on the lava at the viewpoint (the ground is nothing but lava) I’d recommend bringing booties for Atlas to wear. Our dogs are going to have their snowboots tomorrow if I can remember where I put them. Otherwise, we’ll be checking their paws frequently.
    The weather is going to be great this weekend. But if you are thinking of taking this trip any time later you should check with the road conditions to make sure the McKenzie hasn’t been closed.

    BTW, I love this photo of the river!

  8. Looks like Oregon is the place to be with a camera! What a gorgeous shot!!

  9. My Canadian nephew asked me last month whilst over there, what it was that I liked about Canada and America, and this photograph goes part way to defining my answer.

    A gorgeous photograph of nature at her best, the elements are there that I so love, and mankind is suitably lacking in representation. A glorious scene, I would love to be there now

  10. SO serene. This image reminds me of backpacking in Alsaka…

  11. I did love visiting you at this time last year. I think we’ll have to come again in the fall.

  12. I’m coming to visit you right now. Hopefully I can find you.

  13. mindijo: just find I-5 N and I’ll give you more clear directions once you get closer. πŸ™‚
    jan/toni: thanks!
    amy: yes, that is the time to come – and for longer than a weekend! Though whitewater rafting in the fall would be a bit chilly.
    maryann: oh, I’d love to see those photos.
    floog: that’s what I love about these scenes too .. it’s all nature, and we’ve managed not to mess it up yet. πŸ™‚
    jennie: it really is!
    lydia: I can’t believe I missed out yesterday; I was so close. πŸ™‚ I have added that to my list! Have fun and post photos.
    robin: I can’t wait to see photos

  14. I could use an afternoon by that river!

  15. Simply stunning , don’t blame you for not wanting to miss a fall with scenes like this one at your door step.

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