change is in the air

yes, for the country, but also for me

I have my vote by mail ballot

but I cannot find part 1 of 2 of the voters’ pamphlet

I thought I put it in a logical place

but apparently my idea of a logical place has changed since then


13 Responses to “change is in the air”

  1. happy update: I found the pamphlet. I remembered that reiki can supposedly help find lost objects so I tried it. What’d’ya know – it worked. I’m going with it ..

  2. I wish I’d taken a picture of the now closed Mexican restaurant we had here in town. It was an embarrassment. It was painted by hand with a wide bristled brush – not nice, neat and professional like the one in your photo. I really like that “Elect Obama” on this one. I don’t think I’ve seen any Obama signs in my little town. Maybe I should get one for my yard. 🙂

  3. Does Obama make Nachos? now that would be worth a vote!

    Funny place to paint a sign under a Mexican restaurant with the car parking arrow.

    I think Obama will win this election from what I have seen.

  4. Woot Woot! I did the early voting on Monday!

    I love this wall, great photo.

  5. Cool dude! I wish I did absentee voting because I’m so ready to cast my ballot! November 4th has taken forever to get here, right? That’s a really cool picture… Obama ’08!

  6. toni: you should!
    liss: I don’t know, but that’s the second mention of nachos I’ve seen this week; now I am craving them.
    ww: woot woot!
    leanne: Oregon does vote-by-mail. Best.idea.ever. I say!

  7. is the ‘O’ smaller than the other letters, B-A-M-A? Reminds me of a young guy I saw on the tube who said he was planning to vote for “that Omega guy.” also, Theo recognizes Barack whenever he sees video or pics. Makes me laugh. We tell him not to say “Obama” when Grama is around. lol!

  8. jen: it is! I didn’t notice that ’til you pointed it out.

  9. Grrreat shot! Of course I think it’s a great sign.

    There’s something in the cosmos hiding things from logical people. I took my kitchen-office valances down months ago because we were having new windows installed. Seemed like the perfect time to have them dry cleaned for the first time. They require those three-prong hooks in the pleats, the kind I can’t buy in this small town and might have to drive to Salem to get. Why would I have to do that? Because I can’t find my logical storing spot for the hooks.

    Can you do reiki on yourself, or do you need to go to a massage therapist for it?

  10. lydia: I can do it on myself .. very handy. I hope you find the hooks!

  11. You know, I was wondering, can you do reiki on people that you are not in direct contact with? I wonder if it would help with my neck pain?!?!?!

  12. ww: let’s hope it helps! 🙂

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