good night

the two trees seem to recreate the reiki symbol for harmony that I learned this morning


or do I notice it because I am still processing the experience

who knows


4 Responses to “good night”

  1. The image gives me harmony… it’s really calming & settling. Ready to rest into it.

  2. Love the soft colors and silhouettes. How does this tie into the Reiki???…just curious….

  3. marcie: the shape of the trees reminded me of the shape of one of the reiki symbols. The left half of the symbol for harmony looks like a greater than sign on top of the number 5, which is what the branches on the first tree resemble (to me). The right side looks like the curve of a planet with two moons peeking out. I could kind of sort of see that in the second tree, though I grant it was a stretch. 🙂

  4. Yeah, I think you’re stretching, E. A lot!! 😛

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