7 things

7. The other morning, I was struck by how colorful the items in my dish drainer were.

6. I decided not to put them away so that I could enjoy them.

5. Yes, my laziness shows a streak of creativity.

4. Speaking of creativity, I have found a way to channel my ongoing frustration with issues like poverty, health care, education, ..

3. Whenever I am frustrated or sad, I send off a donation to a charity that works on behalf of whatever it is that I am currently upset about, or to a political campaign that I believe actually cares about it.

2. I wish I had come up with this idea *after* watching the movie Sicko.

1. Let’s just say that it cost me.


11 Responses to “7 things”

  1. I love this photo! 😀 I don’t think my dish drainer has ever looked so festive.

  2. i really like that colander. it’d go swell in my kitchen.

  3. oh elizabeth! we are on such a wave length! i am at your site…again, while you are at mine! I just posted a new day that you may have missed since it was uploading while you were visiting the bird house. the new post is more about the bird house…sort of… anyway i am glad you would like to stay for tea with myself and all the other birds 🙂 please do.

    i can completely relate to the “The other morning, I was struck by how colorful the items in my dish drainer were.
    6. I decided not to put them away so that I could enjoy them.” it really is valid to do this in my humble opinion.. not at all a question of laziness.

    your new plan to take action when you feel bad is one that i use for times when i am feeling anxious, worried or powerless. i haven’t done what you are about to do although i often feel guilty for having such an abundant life. sharing is a good way to make amends for the selfishness of the world.

  4. Fun photo! I like all the red. If you want to see lazy, you need to come to my house.

  5. Once the dishes are washed all danger of germ warfare is halted. Drying dishes are obviously meant to be decorations or covers for for dirty counters.

  6. I love all of the red. It’s still my favorite color for things, but I’m trying to branch out and just get colorful gadgets of all hues. 🙂

  7. I wish my dishes looked this pretty. It might help if I wash them  I have woken up to a sink and bench full of mess after a cocktail party last night.

    Nice light in this shot – do you have a window above your kitchen sink?

  8. holly: you need some more red dishes. 🙂

    ann: I am occasionally tempted to replace it with a copper colander; I bought one for my sister last year for Christmas and just loved it – even more than the red. If I ever do, I shall send this one your way.

    robin: there is such power in sharing, or caring, isn’t there!

    toni: 🙂

    kym: excellent point!

    amy: but don’t you have a lovely orange KitchenAid? 😉

    liss: ah – but the mess will bring back fond memories of the party. I don’t have a window in the kitchen, but the living room window is in front of this, just across the room.

  9. I love kitchen items, so I am instantly attracted to this photo.

  10. you must have a wonderful kitchen with all that red. i love red. nice capture.

  11. Hi Elizabeth~

    I have lurked about your site in the past- I got to it through Leanne. I don’t know that I have ever met you, but I Davin told me he had gone to school with you.

    Anyway…amazing photography! I stopped at this one to comment on your #3. I love it- I also find it uplifting to give to a charity. I love what St. Jude’s does for children cancer patients- it is one of my favorite charities.

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