tonight, my dog went crazy

over a tree!

Atlas and I were walking along a sidewalk lined with trees. All of a sudden, his nose went up in the air and he ran towards the nearest tree. He jumped up – his paws as high on the trunk as they could reach – and sniffed away. He jumped down, ran around the tree, ran to the next tree, ran back, jumped up and got his paws and nose as high as they would go, jumped down, ran around the tree, ran up on the hillside, tried to jump up and reach the branches, ran down, ran around the tree, tried to jump up in the air and reach a branch, ran back to the tree, jumped up and sniffed around, jumped down, ran back under a different branch, tried to stand on his hind legs and reach the tree, ran up on the hillside to jump again, ran over to a different tree, ran back, jumped up and sniffed around, ran up on the hillside and checked out a line of birch trees and a few gopher holes, ran back, jumped up and down on the sidewalk, stood on his hind legs and tried to walk around on them to reach a branch, walked around with his nose up as high in the air as it would go, ran around the tree, jumped up .. yes, you get the picture.

At one point, I jumped up and grabbed a branch and brought it down so he could reach it. He tore into it and pulled off the end. Then he dropped it and went back to his frenetic sniffing.

It was hysterical. I could not stop laughing. People and dogs walked by, or stared at him as they drove by, and he paid them no mind. We were there for almost 45 minutes but then I decided he was getting a bit too obsessed and dragged him away.

Most amusing walk ever.


9 Responses to “tonight, my dog went crazy”

  1. Maybe a skunk? Something had clearly run up that tree in the not too distant past…


  2. More than likely a squirrel. How fun!! Gorgeous fall color, Elizabeth.

  3. sounds like Atlas fell into….love?obsession?

  4. Beautiful tree. Love the changing colors!!!

  5. How funny… Great story & I’m enjoying the fall folliage as well. We’ve had this random 95 degree weather & I’m ready for some chilly days.

  6. That’s a really great photo, E. It looks sort of like a painting to me…….

    Funny story about Atlas, got me smiling :o)

  7. j: can skunks climb trees?!

    toni: that’s what I figured, but more so that it was still there – and I just couldn’t see it (which is a common occurrence – me not seeing something, LOL)

    ann: obsession, perhaps

    maryann: 95?! wow .. we are into the 50s now and I am loving the chill

    ww: I’m glad it made you smile 🙂

  8. Oh this would have been funny to see. If only Atlas could talk.
    I just had to convert 95 into Celsius witch equals 35.
    We have just come out of our winter and it is going to be 28 or 83 here tomorrow. i am looking forward to it as Melbourne weather can be unpredictable and the day after is likely to only be half that.

  9. Hey Elizabeth, I’m glad you found me, however you did. 🙂 Your pup is gorgeous and it sounds like you are having fun over yonder. Though Wendy doesn’t have a blog, I can tell you that she is moving to Ishpeming sometime soon… leaving the great Alaskan wilderness… lol… Does Amy have a blog??? 😉

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