a canopy of color

I love this place, regardless of the season. Every time I visit the library, Atlas and I go for a walk on the trails behind it – and stop here for a game of chase among the trees. It would be the perfect place for a picnic, though I never think of that until after the fact.


11 Responses to “a canopy of color”

  1. Elizabeth, losing Noel was the largest loss in my life. I know how scared you must be. Words cannot justify the love you have for Atlas. Please continue enjoying that special joy Atlas brings to you every moment you think of him. Cannot wait to see the costume pics. Lisa has some great ones of Sutter and Noel (although Noel has the flat look in a few of them). I am so glad Atlas found such a great mom.

  2. thanks, Dave. I appreciate the kind words very much.

    Speaking of costumes, I thought of the perfect addition to Atlas’ costume – if I can find it. It would be awesome – though he will not be happy. I would’ve loved to see Noel and Sutter (especially Sutter – I can’t imagine he was thrilled, and that makes for fun photos) in costumes!

  3. This is lovely. I hope you and Atlas enjoy many happy romps here.

  4. I love this time of year. We have just entered spring and all though I am looking forward to some months of hot weather, my heart can not wait until the leaves turn golden brown here once again. Please take lost of pictures during your Fall so I can enjoy them.

  5. Lovely sweep of hillside for dreaming. The dark bark is so striking against all the other color. I hope Atlas gets to walk there and bark at the dark bark if he so chooses 🙂

  6. Makes me want to go to the library. In Portland. I agree, this is lovely.

  7. This reminds me of my visit to Portland last fall… what a great time to come. We’ll have to do it again down the road..

  8. It’s beautiful. What a relaxing place!

  9. i have been waiting and watching for the telltale signs that it has begun, the brief turning and falling of our autumn leaves. this is a lovely and perfect depiction of autumn in the NW! i will out and about on thursday to find some of these treasured gifts of color 🙂

  10. E ~ this is a beautiful shot.

  11. Chase among the trees sounds like fun here, and I bet I know who wins!

    Beautiful colours in this photograph, I have Greenwhich Park not far from my door, and similarly spend much time there regardless of seasons. A walk (or game) in the park, must rank as one of my favourite of life’s simple pleasures

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