my kind of heirlooms

One of the stands at the farmers’ market was having an “end of season blowout sale” on heirloom tomatoes. I couldn’t pass this up so came home with $14 worth. While I did bring a few to a picnic with friends on Sunday, I will still get to eat fresh heirlooms all week. Red, orange, yellow, green – almost all the colors of the rainbow. They are delicious with nothing but a little sea salt (and possibly olive oil, because it increases the absorption of lycopene); however, I did buy fresh mozzarella too!


12 Responses to “my kind of heirlooms”

  1. oh, yum!
    I have been enjoying a few brandywines this fall, but I would love to try some other heirlooms. Let us know which varieties (or colors) were the best!

  2. I don’t think I bought any brandywines. They were a deep red color, I think? They didn’t have names for the others.

    The green was good, and the orange and red are scrumptious. I still need to try yellow.

  3. Bruchetta, that’s what you should make 🙂

    Today’s page is so vibrant!

  4. I should!!! I’ve actually never made it, but love it. Thanks for the idea; I am off to find a good recipe.

  5. Bruschetta is awesome and so easy to make. Slice a baguette and toast under your broiler. Reduce some balsamic vinegar so it’s thickened up quite a bit. Slice or dice your roma tomatoes (or heirlooms), add chopped basil and a splash of olive oil and spread on your toasted baguette, drizzle with the reduced balsamic vinegar and add a little feta cheese. Toast some more under the broiler. There are lots of different ways to make it – have fun!!

  6. toni – that sounds fantastic, thanks! I just need a baguette and some basil (my neighbor has a plant) and I’m ready to go. Maybe I can stop by the market tomorrow.

  7. Save a slice of Bruschetta for me please .. They look so delicious. If you have enough left over you could make relish. I have to start taking photos of healthy foods. My daughter and I have just planted parsly and chive seeds so might get the macro filters out when they start to sprout.

  8. tangy shot… the red was a pleasant surprise… heirlooms are amazing indeed! I planted some green ones this year, and they were by far the best. They rarely made it into the house… I’d snack on them while working in the garden.

  9. I’m getting hungry. Going to have to stop by the farmers market by my place this weekend to get some of this stuff.


  10. Beautiful colors. Love how you’ve captured these.

  11. i think the heirlooms are a hit!

  12. Yum! I can’t wait to have a garden full of heirloom tomatoes…someday…!

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