the emperor has new clothes

can you tell?


14 Responses to “the emperor has new clothes”

  1. Green is very dashing on him, matches his eyes. 🙂

  2. So sheik……haha…..that is the thickest collar I have ever seen!

  3. I love the thick tapestry collar. Nice choice.

  4. We had a dog for a couple days that was half weimaraner. Then he jumped our six foot fence. No lie. Can’t blame him, though. After all, I have four kids and our house can be a bit chaotic at the best of times.
    Do you realize this is actually the first time I looked at this blog and realized you are Elizabeth that used to comment on mine? Me and my blonde hair didn’t figure out that you had a blog until now. I have seen your blog before, from a link on someone else’s blog.
    Also, I sorta miss your comments on my blog. I never knew who you were, (nor do I still now) but I miss your comments. I know exactly when they stopped and I will say: I never meant to offend anyone. I just was offering my opinion. Sorry if I offended you. Truce?

  5. Very cute, Atlas! 🙂

  6. Hey Mindi – that’s funny; though you may not believe me, it was purely coincidence. I forgot to check back. Google Reader would help in this regard. 🙂 I am never offended when other people’s opinions differ from mine.

  7. That is quite the new collar – very cool. Buddy’s is just a plain red one, but Buster’s is black with little red cherries. I haven’t found the right one for Buddy yet, but I keep looking.

  8. taylor made, i see, or don’t, as the emperor’s were invisible… looks like a nordic design.

  9. Am so loving your sense of humor..and your dog pix. Keep ’em coming.

  10. The dogs of our farm are boy dogs, pets of my sons, and they’d be horrified to see that your boy dog is wearing (gasp!) a floral pattern. They have chosen hunters’ orange, and army camo collars so far. Yoopers through and through, I guess.

  11. Nora – but it’s green! Just like camo, LOL.

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