it occurs to me

that I’d be willing to spend all of my vacation days by the ocean

with not one single regret

I must remember that

10 Responses to “it occurs to me”

  1. sound like a dream to me

  2. Maybe that’s why your photos of it and your dog are so spectacular, you fill them with joy.

  3. You and Atlas really suite the beach lifestyle I think.

  4. I’m right there with you on that one, Elizabeth.

  5. Staying closer to home is a great idea! And if I lived there……..oh, that’s where I’d be too…….I swear I’m coming for a visit! You have an extra room, right 😉

  6. Such a beautiful..calm..peaceful image. I too – if I could – would spend my days at the ocean!

  7. That would be a perfect vacation

  8. Perfectly calming. I love your photography.

  9. Sounds like a great plan. 🙂 I’d agree with you.

  10. The times I’ve spent overlooking tranquil waters whilst over in Canada and the USA, just at one with myself and nature. Water soothes and calms me, gives me hope and perspective.

    A gorgeous photograph

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