“it’s a nice day for a white wedding”

since I know you all feel sorry for Atlas

I thought I’d share a photo from a costume contest many years ago

compared to this weim (who clearly doesn’t mind a bit), Atlas barely has to suffer at all


10 Responses to ““it’s a nice day for a white wedding””

  1. Funny picture, the dog looks ‘handsome’…..

  2. too funny. Was there a bride dog??

  3. These are too funny! Wonderful!!!

  4. Oh my! hahaha That is freakin’ adorable! :o)

  5. What a handsome gent… very entertaining!

  6. liss: there was! I’ll post a photo of her someday. She was just as accommodating.

  7. Good lord, my dog eyes me plaintively if I just put a dish towel on her back. I can’t imagine her chagrin if I did something like this.

  8. I know! I tried to put a simple costume on Atlas’ back to see if we could attend one of the many doggy Halloween events. Let’s just say it didn’t go well ..

  9. I like that he is very subtly sticking his tongue out.

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