blowing in the wind

when I look at this photo, it’s hard to believe that it was taken on top of sand dunes, right next to the ocean


6 Responses to “blowing in the wind”

  1. That’s some tall grass – Atlas is barely visible! I was reading yesterday that the grass was planted to stop the wind erosion, which kept changing the shape of the dunes. You can almost feel the wind blowing in your photo.

  2. Oh I think Atlas would have a ball in this grass. It’s tall enough for a game of hide and seek.

  3. Aren’t tall grasses wonderful…….cute photo!

  4. I want to lay down in the grass & take a nap… maybe with one cozy blanket & a cup of tea. Great mood captured.

  5. So adorable! He must have loved playing hide and seek.

  6. You caught the cool moist day beautifully!

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