songs and shipwrecks

every time I see the Peter Iredale wreckage, it makes me want to sing “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

but don’t worry – it’s so windy that if I did, no one would hear me

I am heading there again shortly


6 Responses to “songs and shipwrecks”

  1. I thought the museum in Astoria was fascinating- it’s eerie, the number of ship wrecks in that area.

  2. The shipwreck is another place that I’ve never been, but that is now on my list of places to go. I’ve driven through the area, but never spent any time there.

  3. Nice image. Love your selective focus.

  4. This is utterly beautiful.

  5. amy: I haven’t been to that museum yet, though I’ve heard it’s a really good one.

    toni: it is neat – and there is a huge expanse of beach for hiking! I must confess that I was picturing something that looked more like an actual ship, apparently I didn’t think about how old it was.

    marcie/gilly: thanks!

  6. oohhhh- This photo is fabulous!

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