in honor of love thursday

I always love the Shutter Sisters’ Love Thursday posts

the question is –

did I see the heart in the tree because I was thinking of Love Thursday?

or was I thinking of Love Thursday because I saw the heart?

now there’s a conundrum

and I know the heart isn’t perfect, but what love really is


6 Responses to “in honor of love thursday”

  1. Your heart looks like These United States. Love it.

  2. I see a cartoon dog with it’s tail wagging. I like your heart/love view better. 🙂

  3. I see the doggy as well…ummm…but is there a difference.


  4. Jack – no difference at all. Dogs = love!

  5. I agree. 🙂

    but now I see a turkey. I guess that means it’s no longer Thursday!

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