I’m in the mood to share

I’m sure almost all of us have things in life that we love so much it actually hurts. Most of the time, those things are people. For me, two of those things are the pup and Oregon. There are two reasons why this fascinates me.

First, it was completely happenstance that I wound up with the pup. I didn’t even really like dogs (or so I thought), but I felt sorry for a coworker because he didn’t have anywhere to leave his weim and volunteered to dog-sit when needed. I fell in love with his dog, and the breed, and realized that I really was a dog person – yes, a crazy dog person even. As my friend Jenny said, “You did a complete 180!” And so I changed my life around to get my very own weimy, Atlas.

Second, if it weren’t for the pup, who knows if I would’ve wound up in Oregon. One of the reasons that I was so attracted to the Portland area was because it seemed very dog-friendly. He’d be a big part of my life regardless (otherwise, why have a dog I think), but it’s really fun to live in a place where there are so many places and events and classes that welcome him. Every day, I find something new to love about this state, and I still feel like I’ve come home.

Truly, I am blessed.

[photo credit to my sister Amy]

9 Responses to “I’m in the mood to share”

  1. Great picture. It sure is a beautiful state. And you have a lucky dog, being that you take such good care of him.

  2. Beautiful scenery…….I’m that way about my cats. I was never a cat person before we adopted the babies……..now, I love em’!

  3. No fair making me tear up…at work!! It is amazing how quickly our critters work their way into our hearts. And Oregon is a beautiful state – good choice.

  4. We love this photo – it’s posted on our Christmas card bulletin board! Isaak often looks at it and says, “There’s Libby and her dog!” Glad to hear you are happy out there! I sure think of you often, even though I’m so bad about corresponding, Lib.

  5. Already want to go back to Oregon. This blog always makes me feel as if I didn’t spend enough time there.



  6. Realizing our blessings… it’s a good thing- it keeps us humble 🙂

  7. Nice family portrait!
    Thank you for sharing your happiness. I alway love the fact that you hardly go anywhere with out Altas. He is your baby and it is wonderful to see such a bond. He is one lucky to have such a great owner.

  8. brita: thanks! it really is.
    ww: it’s funny how that works!
    toni: they’re sneaky like that 🙂
    connie: hi!!! that’s the beauty of good friendships; they survive anyway (and since I haven’t replied to your email yet I’m not much better :-p
    j: I recommend a visit!
    julie: too true
    liss: aww, thanks

  9. elizabeth good morning! i hadn’t wandered over to your about me page since first i found your blog and to read it again when knowing you a little better was nice. your passion for your pup and oregon shine through and they are both reasons why i like you so much. i so look forward to sharing photography together!

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