reflections in the sand

this photo reminds me of a piece of art

abstract, of course

one of my favorite types


I had a long discussion with a gallery owner in San Francisco once about how people who say that anyone can create an abstract masterpiece clearly have never tried to do so. My sister will attest that I am no Rothko.


8 Responses to “reflections in the sand”

  1. It does look like a painting…….very pretty.

  2. I do attest that you are no Rothko. 🙂 Lovely photo, though. I’d add this one to the list for the bedroom.

  3. That should be printed and framed, hanging in a place of honor. Very nice.

  4. This is great i love the soft texture and the light. What time of day did you take this?
    It is a very claming picture

  5. Love the photo! love Rothko too.

  6. liss: it was taken at sunset

  7. Truly is a piece of art. Love the soft abstract nature of the image. Rothko definitely comes to mind.

  8. Wonderful colors in this photo. I’m not much for abstracts but this one works for me.

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