a few of my favorite things



floppy flying ears


I do love puppy shots, even when they’re fuzzy.


7 Responses to “a few of my favorite things”

  1. i like how you divided it into three pics. my favorite is the far left one. hey, when is Atlas going to get a love interest?

  2. LOL! He’s my little puppy – much too young. 😉 Though I think he had one – the little neighbor kitty – who never did come home. He still watches for her faithfully. 😦

  3. How cute are those ears!!!
    He looks very energetic.
    So not even the open tins of tuna could convince the little kitty to come home 😦

  4. Great images! I’m with you – dogs and floppy ears!!!

  5. Too fun! (Even though they are fuzzy.) 😛

  6. liss: sadly, no; I figure something must have happened to her. 😦

  7. Just fabulous. Nothing better than to see a dog free.

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